Signal Transduction Mechanisms

  • Junor A. Barnes
  • Haldane G. Coore
  • Abdul H. Mohammed
  • Rajendra K. Sharma

Part of the Developments in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry book series (DMCB, volume 15)

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-1
  2. Hans J. Vogel, Mingjie Zhang
    Pages 3-15
  3. Junor A. Barnes, Aldrin V. Gomes
    Pages 17-27
  4. Zhong Qi, Damu Tang, Isao Matsuura, Ki-Young Lee, Xujing Zhu, Qi-Quan Huang et al.
    Pages 35-39
  5. Alastair Aitken, Steve Howell, David Jones, Joel Madrazo, Harry Martin, Yasmina Patel et al.
    Pages 41-49
  6. Tonia C. Carter, Haldane G. Coore
    Pages 71-75
  7. Subbiah Pugazhenthi, Ramji L. Khandelwal
    Pages 95-101
  8. K. Balendiran, Yingchun Tan, Rajendra K. Sharma, Krishna H. M. Murthy
    Pages 127-130
  9. Simon A. Rudge, Phillip J. Hughes, Graham R. Brown, Robert H. Michell, Christopher J. Kirk
    Pages 161-174
  10. Jaipaul Singh, Denham M. Wisdom
    Pages 175-182
  11. Rajala V. S. Raju, Bernadene A. Magnuson, Rajendra K. Sharma
    Pages 191-202
  12. Sean Williams, Johanna T. A. Meij, Vincenzo Panagia
    Pages 217-222
  13. Josée Marcil, Madhu B. Anand-Srivastava
    Pages 223-231
  14. Chandra K. Mittal, William B. Harrell, Chander S. Mehta
    Pages 263-265
  15. Ronald L. Davis, Jim Cherry, Brigitte Dauwalder, Pyung-Lim Han, Efthimios Skoulakis
    Pages 271-278
  16. Danielle D. Fagnou, John M. Tuchek
    Pages 279-286
  17. Christopher J. Fowler, Richard F. Cowburn, Anita Garlind, Bengt Winblad, Cora O’Neill
    Pages 287-292
  18. Helena C. Edwards, Stephen E. Moss
    Pages 293-299
  19. David M. Waisman
    Pages 301-322
  20. Back Matter
    Pages 323-325

About this book


This volume contains the proceedings of an International Symposium on `Second Messenger Systems - Molecular, Cellular and Behavioural Aspects', which was held at Tobago on June 16-17, 1994.
The interaction of an extracellular agonist (First Messenger) with its plasma membrane receptor leads to the transmission of a signal across the cell membrane and results in the production and/or activation of other signalling molecules (Second Messengers). These Second Messengers control the action of many protein kinases and protein phosphatases and so lead to cellular responses. Although the biochemical basis of the transduction of signals in the main signalling systems in eukaryotic cells is probably largely known, intensified research is ongoing in the following areas: the discovery of specific substrates for many protein kinases, elucidation of the biological significance of the differential tissue expression and heterogeneity of many signalling proteins, and the unravelling of diverse interactions (such as signal potentiation, synergism, antagonism and neuronal co-transmission) between signalling systems. As knowledge from such studies accumulates, it is becoming clear that the `cross talk' interactions between signalling systems are important features of dynamic cell regulation.
This volume is designed to summarize some aspects of the current work on various Second Messenger Systems and the integration of signals with respect to plasma membrane receptors. Second Messenger generation and degradation, protein kinase and phosphatase, cell cycle control, and cellular learning and memory.


ATP Amino acid Calcium Glycogen Nucleotide Translation proteins

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