Electric and Magnetic Fields

From Numerical Models to Industrial Applications

  • André Nicolet
  • R. Belmans

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. A Challenge for Magnetic Scalar Potential Formulations of 3-D Eddy Current Problems: Multiply Connected Cuts in Multiply Connected Regions which Necessarily Leave the Cut Complement Multiply Connected

  3. Induction Machines

    1. R. D. Findlay, N. Stranges, D. K. MacKay
      Pages 25-28
    2. R. De Weerdt, U. Pahner, R. Belmans, E. Tuinman
      Pages 29-32
  4. Othor Synchronous Machines

  5. Permanent Magnet Machines

  6. Field Problems in Electroheat Systems

  7. Coupled Problems

    1. Mondher Besbes, Bogdan Ionesco, Zhuoxiang Ren, Adel Razek
      Pages 103-106
    2. A. Bousbaine, M. McCormick, W. F. Low
      Pages 123-126
    3. Silvio I. Nabeta, Albert Foggia, Marcel Ivanes, Jean-Louis Coulomb, Gilbert Reyne
      Pages 127-130
    4. E. Nava, G. Vinsard, A. Mailfert
      Pages 135-138
    5. R. D. Findlay, J. H. Dableh
      Pages 139-142
    6. Matjaž Plejić, Viktor Goričan, Božidar Hribernik
      Pages 155-158
    7. Augustin Moraru, Felicia Anghel
      Pages 167-170
  8. Numerical Problems

    1. G. Cannistrà, M. Minenna, G. Negro, M. Sylos Labini
      Pages 171-174
    2. Marko Jesenik, Mladen Trlep, Božidar Hribernik
      Pages 181-184
    3. Andrzej Krawczyk, Tadeusz Skoczkowski
      Pages 185-188
    4. Vasile Topa, Emil Simion, Calin Munteanu
      Pages 189-192
    5. Calin Munteanu, Emil Simion, Vasile Topa
      Pages 193-196
    6. G. Cannistrà, M. Minenna, G. Negros, M. Sylos Labini
      Pages 197-200
    7. U. Pahner, R. Belmans, K. Brandiski, J. Webb, D. Lowther, F. Henrotte et al.
      Pages 201-204
    8. G. Aiello, S. Alfonzetti, S. Coco, N. Salerno
      Pages 209-212
    9. J.-Fr Remacle, M. Umé, A. Nicolet, A. Genon, W. Legros
      Pages 217-220

About this book


This book contains the edited versions of the papers presented at the Second International Workshop on Electric and Magnetic Fields held at the Katholieke Universiteit van Leuven (Belgium) in May 1994. This Workshop deals with numerical solutions of electromagnetic problems in real life applications. The topics include coupled problems (thermal, mechanical, electric circuits), CAD & CAM applications, 3D eddy current and high frequency problems, optimisation and application oriented numerical problems. This workshop was organised jointly by the AIM (Association of Engineers graduated from de Montefiore Electrical Institute) together with the Departments of Electrical Engineering of the Katholieke Universiteit van Leuven (Prof. R. Belmans), the University of Gent (Prof. J. Melkebbek) and the University of Liege (Prof. W. Legros). These laboratories are working together in the framework of the Pole d'Attraction Interuniversitaire - Inter-University­ Attractie-Pole 51 - on electromagnetic systems led by the University of Liege and the research work they perform covers most of the topics of the Workshop. One of the principal aims of this Workshop was to provide a bridge between the electromagnetic device designers, mainly industrialists, and the electromagnetic field computation developers. Therefore, this book contains a continuous spectrum of papers from application of electromagnetic models in industrial design to presentation of new theoretical developments.


Motor algorithm algorithms calculus electrical engineering model modeling network neural network neural networks optimization

Editors and affiliations

  • André Nicolet
    • 1
  • R. Belmans
    • 2
  1. 1.University of LiègeLiègeBelgium
  2. 2.Katholieke Universiteit LeuvenLeuvenBelgium

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