Dusty and Dirty Plasmas, Noise, and Chaos in Space and in the Laboratory

  • Hiroshi Kikuchi

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Introduction

    1. H. Kikuchi
      Pages 1-5
  3. Cosmic Dusty Plasmas

    1. D. A. Mendis, M. Rosenberg, V. W. Chow
      Pages 7-21
    2. P. V. Bliokh, S. I. Khankina, V. V. Yaroshenko
      Pages 29-32
    3. Masanobu Niimura, Hiroshi Amemiya
      Pages 33-54
    4. Takao Saito, Yukio Kozuka, Keiji Saito, Shigeyuki Minami
      Pages 55-71
  4. Laboratory Dusty Plasmas: Theory and Experiment

  5. Meteorologico-Electric Environment and EHD

  6. Self-Organization and Turbulence

  7. Lightning Discharges and Laboratory Simulation

    1. James W. Warwick
      Pages 285-293
    2. Nobunao Takeuchi, Ken’Ichi Narita, Yukihiro Goto
      Pages 305-312
    3. Daohong Wang, Yoshinori Shimada, Shigeaki Uchida, Etsuo Fujiwara, Z-I Kawasaki, Kenshi Matsuura et al.
      Pages 313-321
  8. Athmospheric Electricity and Noise

    1. Toshio Ogawa
      Pages 323-327
    2. Sazanami Yano, Toshio Ogawa, Hidetaka Hagino, Katsutami Kawakami
      Pages 329-340
  9. Magnetopheric Noise and Pulsations

    1. Hitoshi Takeuchi, Takao Saito, Hitoshi Matsuoka
      Pages 347-367
    2. Yukio Kozuka, Takao Saito, Hitoshi Takeuchi, Tadatoshi Takahashi
      Pages 369-377
    3. Tadanori Ondoh, Yoshikatsu Nakamura
      Pages 379-394
    4. Katsumi Hattori, Masashi Hayakawa, Dominique Lagoutte, Michel Parrot, Francois Lefeuvre
      Pages 395-404
  10. Planetary and Solar Noise and Plasmas

    1. James W. Warwick
      Pages 415-419
    2. R. D. Bentley, Yohkoh Team
      Pages 445-448
    3. Takao Saito, S.-I. Akasofu, Y. Kozuka, S. Minami, S. Tuneta
      Pages 449-476
  11. Galactic Noise and Plasmas

  12. Fluctuations, Chaos, Reconnection, and Acceleration

    1. A. Piel, F. Greiner, T. Klinger, H. Klostermann, A. Rohde
      Pages 501-521
    2. S. A. Pulinets, A. D. Legen’ka, V. A. Alekseev
      Pages 545-557
    3. Y. Nishida
      Pages 559-567
  13. Ball Lightning and Microwave Discharges

About this book


I have been asked by Professor Kikuchi to write a foreword for this interesting book on Dusty Plasmas and other electrical phenomena. This was a somewhat daunting task due to the wide range of topics covered. In what follows I have attempted to summarize most of these topics; for this purpose I have divided them into four groups, namely (a) Dusty Plasmas, (b) The Electrical Environment, (c) Lightning and (d) The Noise Environment. I hope that I have succeeded. in indicating that each section contains much that is of great interest. It is perhaps unnecessary for me to point out that the book contains subjects which are at an exciting and important stage in their development. (a) Dusty Plasmas The subject of dusty plasmas is one of great interest. Dust particles in interplanetary space, within comets, in inter-stellar space and at ever greater distances will in general be charged. The plasma environment will ensure this, bombarding electrons will charge up the particle until it assumes a "floating potential," although time variation can occur. Ultra violet radiation can cause photoemission and in certain cases field emission is a possibility. The motion of the particles will be determined by electric and magnetic fields together with gravity. If the density of charged grains becomes sufficiently high the grains will interact with each other and collective behaviour will ensue. This newly evolving subject entails the study of all kinds of plasma waves.


Gravity dynamics relativistic jet turbulence waves

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