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Novel Approaches in Biosensors and Rapid Diagnostic Assays

43rd OHOLO Conference Eilat, Israel, October 10–14, 1999

  • Zvi Liron
  • Avraham Bromberg
  • Morly Fisher

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Frank J. Steemers, Jane A. Ferguson, David R. Walt
    Pages 1-5
  3. Frances S. Ligler, James W. Hazzard, Joel P. Golden, Chris A. Rowe
    Pages 7-15
  4. M. Thompson, B. A. Cavic, L. M. Furtado, Z. Morel, N. Tassew
    Pages 17-32
  5. Zvi Liron, Nathali Kaushansky, Netzach Graziani, Avi Keysary, Itzhak Barness, Sharon Marx
    Pages 33-46
  6. Itamar Willner, Fernando Patolsky, Lital Alfonta, Amir Lichtenstein, Bilha Willner
    Pages 47-78
  7. I. Eshkenazi, T. Neufeld, V. Sacks, Y. Herschkovitz, J. Rishpon
    Pages 101-110
  8. L. Rabinovich, O. Lev
    Pages 111-125
  9. Christopher R. Lowe, Andrew G. Mayes, Jeff Blyth, Roger B. Millington
    Pages 127-133
  10. Evelyne L. Schmid, Ruud Hovius, Michael Pawlak, Markus Ehrat, Horst Vogel
    Pages 135-145
  11. Y. Villiger, M. O. Heuschkel, J. Romand, K. H. Krause, P. Renaud, D. Bertrand
    Pages 147-163
  12. Jörg D. Hoheisel, Frank Diehl, Marcel Scheideler, Nicole Hauser, Verena Aign, Stefan Matysiak et al.
    Pages 165-172
  13. Meir Wilchek, Heike Hofstetter, Oliver Hofstetter
    Pages 173-191
  14. Ecevit Yilmaz, Lei Ye, Karsten Haupt, Klaus Mosbach
    Pages 193-209
  15. F. L. Dickert, K. Halikias, O. Haydena, P. Liu, A. Rohrer
    Pages 211-224
  16. Karine Perié, Vitali Strokhin, Robert S. Marks, Jean-Paul Lellouche
    Pages 225-233

About this book


In the medical, food, and environmental fields there is a continuous demand for inexpensive and sensitive analytical devices that are reliable, rapid, capable of high-throughput screening, and have low cost per test unit. Small and portable biosensor devices are designed to fulfill most of these requirements, and can be used in laboratory and on-site field testing.
This volume discusses major issues in optical, acoustic and electrochemical-based biosensors, biochips, sensing recognition elements, and biosensors for medical and environmental applications. The papers presented at the conference represent basic and applied research studies in the fields of diagnostic assays and biosensor development. Novel technologies, such as arrays of sensors using high-density fiber optics to sense labeled or unlabeled oligonucleotides, and patterned arrays of recognition elements, demonstrated the capability of biosensors to analyze multiple analytes.


Biosensor DNA Glucose Nucleotide base biochip biochips polymer protein

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  • Avraham Bromberg
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  • Morly Fisher
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