QSO Hosts and Their Environments

  • Isabel Márquez
  • Josefa Masegosa
  • Ascensión del Olmo
  • Lucas Lara
  • Emilio García
  • Josefina Molina

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Radio Quiet/Loud Dichotomy. Unification

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-2
    2. Matthew O’Dowd, C. Megan Urry, Riccardo Scarpa, Renato Falomo, Joseph E. Pesce, Aldo Treves
      Pages 13-20
    3. W. J. Percival, L. Miller, R. J. McLure, J. S. Dunlop
      Pages 21-26
    4. Margrethe Wold, Mark Lacy, Per B. Lilje, S. Serjeant
      Pages 33-38
    5. Jochen Heidt, Josef Fried, Ulrich Hopp, Klaus Jäger, Kari Nilsson, Eckhard Sutorius
      Pages 39-44
    6. Joanne C. Baker
      Pages 45-50
    7. K. Nilsson, L. Takalo, T. Pursimo, A. Sillanpää, J. Heidt
      Pages 51-54
    8. L. Lara, W. D. Cotton, L. Feretti, G. Giovannini, J. M. Marcaide, I. Márquez et al.
      Pages 65-68
  3. QSO Redshift Evolution and Their Cluster Environments

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 69-70
    2. John B. Hutchings
      Pages 71-82
    3. Lutz Wisotzki, Björn Kuhlbrodt, Knud Jahnke
      Pages 83-88
    4. Knud Jahnke, Björn Kuhlbrodt, Eva Örndahl, Lutz Wisotzki
      Pages 89-94
    5. Jary K. Kotilainen, Renato Falomo
      Pages 95-100
    6. Isabel Márquez, Patrick Petitjean, Bertrand Theodore, Malcolm Bremer, Guy Monnet, Jean-Luc Beuzit
      Pages 101-106
    7. Chris J. Willott, Steve Rawlings, Katherine M. Blundell
      Pages 113-118
    8. J. M. Barr, M. N. Bremer, J. C. Baker
      Pages 119-126
    9. Martin J. Hardcastle
      Pages 127-132
    10. Rose A. Finn, Chris D. Impey, Eric J. Hooper
      Pages 133-136
    11. Stanisław Ryś
      Pages 137-140
    12. Fausto Vagnetti, Dario Trèvese
      Pages 145-148
  4. Tidal Interactions/Mergers. ULIRGS

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 149-150
    2. Sylvain Veilleux, Dong-Chan Kim, David B. Sanders
      Pages 165-170
    3. Alessandro Bressan, Bianca Poggianti, Alberto Franceschini
      Pages 171-176
    4. A. S. Evans, D. T. Frayer, J. A. Surace, D. B. Sanders
      Pages 177-184
    5. S. Leon, J. Lim, F. Combes, D. Van-Trung
      Pages 185-190
    6. Jeremy Lim, Hua-ting Chuo, Shyang Wen, Wen-shuo Liao, Paul T. P. Ho
      Pages 191-198
    7. S. A. H. Müller, R. S. Chini, M. Haas, K. Meisenheimer, U. Klaas, D. Lemke et al.
      Pages 199-204
    8. Jason A. Surace, D. B. Sanders
      Pages 205-208
    9. Valentina Zitelli, Paola Focardi, Birgit Kelm, Carla Boschetti
      Pages 209-212
  5. Galaxies Hosting Lower Level AGN Activity

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 213-214
    2. David Schade, Scott Croom, Brian Boyle, Michael Letawsky, Tom Shanks, Lance Miller et al.
      Pages 215-222
    3. Heino Falcke, Christian Henkel, Andrew S. Wilson, James A. Braatz
      Pages 223-228
    4. Birgit Kelm, Paola Focardi
      Pages 229-234
    5. Johan H. Knapen, Isaac Shlosman, Reinier F. Peletier, Seppo Laine
      Pages 235-240
    6. Monique Joly, Catherine Boisson, Didier Pelat
      Pages 241-246
    7. Ana M. Pérez García, José M. Rodríguez Espinosa
      Pages 255-259
    8. Alessandro Bressan, Gian Luigi Granato, Laura Silva
      Pages 261-264
    9. A. Eckart, D. Downes
      Pages 265-268
    10. E. Jiménez Bailón, J. M. Mas Hesse, M. Santos Lleó
      Pages 269-272
    11. Y. Krongold, D. Dultzin-Hacyan, P. Marziani
      Pages 273-275

About this book


Advanced technologies in astronomy at various wavelengths have provided us with high resolution and high quality data on the QSO population. This meeting was aimed at understanding the morphology and nature of the host galaxies and environments of QSOs. The invited lectures as well as the contributed and poster papers highlighted the main issues of current research: the stellar and gaseous content of the underlying galaxy; the characterization of the population of companions and the nature of their interaction with the host galaxy; the connection between radio-loud QSO and radio-galaxies, and QSOs and ULIRGs; the evolution with redshift of both the host galaxy and its environment, and the main implications in theories of galaxy formation and evolution. This volume provides a valuable overview and timely update of the exciting and rapidly developing field of QSO hosts and their environments - essential reading for graduate students and researchers.


Population Redshift active galactic nuclei astronomy galaxies quasar quasars spectroscopy star star formation

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