Blood—Brain Barrier

Drug Delivery and Brain Pathology

  • David Kobiler
  • Shlomo Lustig
  • Shlomo Shapira

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  2. Joseph D. Fenstermacher, Tavarekere Nagaraja, Kenneth R. Davies
    Pages 1-7
  3. Lester R. Drewes, David Z. Gerhart, Richard L. Leino, Bradley E. Enerson
    Pages 9-17
  4. Jean-François Ghersi-Egea, Nathalie Strazielle, Marie-Françoise Belin
    Pages 19-25
  5. N. Joan Abbott, Andreas Reichel, Mansoor Chishty, Kevin D. Read, Janet A. Taylor, David J. Begley
    Pages 27-44
  6. Thorsten Nitz, Tanja Eisenblätter, Matthias Haselbach, Hans-Joachim Galla
    Pages 45-62
  7. Shailesh Y. Desai, Mark A. McAllister, Kristine Goodrich, Marc M. Mayberg, Damir Janigro
    Pages 63-70
  8. M. Spatz, Y. Chen, J. Bembry, F. A. Lenz, E. Shohami, Raphael Mechoulam et al.
    Pages 71-82
  9. A. G. De Boer, P. J. Gaillard, I. C. J. Van Der Sandt, E. C. M. De Lange, D. D. Breimer
    Pages 83-97
  10. Michael Polyak, Oran Ayalon, Marina Vinnikova, Itzchak Angel, Alex Kozak
    Pages 99-112
  11. Yoram Cohen, Yaniv Assaf, Revital Nossin-Manor, Inbal E. Biton
    Pages 123-145
  12. Joerg R. Weber, Elaine I. Tuomanen
    Pages 169-176
  13. John K. Fazakerley
    Pages 177-190
  14. David Kobiler, David Ben-Nathan, Charles M. Rice, Paula Schneider, Menachem Halevy, Shlomo Lustig
    Pages 191-204
  15. Ela Shai, Amos Panet, Haya Falk, Aaron Palmon
    Pages 217-225
  16. Haim Ovadia, Oded Abramsky, Anna Itzik, Tali Siegal
    Pages 227-231
  17. Stefan Madajewicz, Raphael Davis, Frederick Gutman, James Manzione, Allen Meek, Patricia Roche et al.
    Pages 273-279
  18. Nigel H. Greig, Qian-Sheng Yu, Tadanobu Utsuki, Harold W. Holloway, Xiaoxiang Zhu, Tracyann Perry et al.
    Pages 281-309
  19. Quentin R. Smith, Carolyn Fisher, David D. Allen
    Pages 311-321
  20. Michael J. Kubek, Israel Ringel, Abraham J. Domb
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    Pages 363-370
  22. Xinkang Wang, Giora Z. Feuerstein
    Pages 371-383
  23. Joseph Fenstermacher, Ling Wei, Kai-Feng Liu, Tavarekere Nagaraja, Kenneth Davies
    Pages 385-391
  24. Hari Shanker Sharma, Per Ove-Sjöquist, Jan Westman
    Pages 401-415
  25. Back Matter
    Pages 417-434

About this book


The vasculature of the central nervous system (eNS) is characterized by the existence of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), which can be regarded as both an anatomical and physiological phenomenon. The BBB is formed by a complex cellular system of endothelial cells, astroglia, pericytes, perivascular macrophages and a basal membrane, although the anatomic substrate of the BBB is the interendothelial tight junctions that form a continuous sealing. The BBB serves as an exquisitely controlled, functional gate to the eNS. It not only protects the brain from agents in the blood that could impair neurological function, but also controls the influx and efflux of numerous substances to maintain proper homeostasis and provide the brain with necessary nutrients. The structural and functional integrity of the BBB was shown to be dramatically altered during various diseases of the eNS, including neoplasia, ischemia, trauma, hypertension, inflammation and epilepsy. Recent years research has partially elucidated the mechanisms underlying the development of some of these brain disorders as well as the pathways used by different pathogens, like bacteria and viruses, to initiate eNS infections. The development of in vitro models of the BBB had instrumental role in the understanding of the involvement of the BBB in the pathogenesis of several eNS diseases. The intimate, functional association between the function of the brain and the activity of the BBB makes the later a target for pharmacological modulation that will expand the therapeutic possibilities for a range of neurological diseases.


Nervous System Tumor biology gene therapy infections neuropeptides

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