The Economics of Producing Defense

Illustrated by the Israeli Case

  • Yaacov Lifshitz

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About this book


The Economics of Producing Defense: Illustrated by the Israeli Case begins with an overview of the development of defense economics as a sub-discipline of the general theory of economics, and points at the new challenges it is facing in the post-Cold War era. It focuses, then, on the supply side of defense economics, presenting theoretical analyses and empirical findings related to the use of various inputs - manpower, domestically-made defense products, imported arms - in providing national security. Most of the issues under discussion are further elucidated by examples from Israel's experience. As a small economy that faces continuously severe security problems, Israel's way of coping with defense economic issues may indeed forward some interesting lessons for a wider audience.

The principal aim of the book is to convince policy-makers and the public at large of the contribution defense economics could make to more effective management of national security problems. This aim is encouraged by the growing weight attached to economic considerations and consequences in producing and supplying defense, as demonstrated in the detailed discussion.


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