Alien Gene Transfer in Crop Plants, Volume 1

Innovations, Methods and Risk Assessment

  • Aditya Pratap
  • Jitendra Kumar

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Aditya Pratap, Jitendra Kumar
    Pages 1-23
  3. Dengcai Liu, Huaigang Zhang, Lianquan Zhang, Zhongwei Yuan, Ming Hao, Youliang Zheng
    Pages 25-42
  4. Maria Wędzony, Magdalena Szechyńska-Hebda, Iwona Żur, Ewa Dubas, Monika Krzewska
    Pages 43-75
  5. Monika M. Lulsdorf, Alison Ferrie, Susan M. H. Slater, Hai Ying Yuan
    Pages 77-103
  6. Pooja Bhatnagar-Mathur, Paramita Palit, K. K. Sharma
    Pages 105-141
  7. Harinder K. Chaudhary, Vineeta Kaila, Shoukat A. Rather, Tisu Tayeng
    Pages 143-164
  8. Reyazul Rouf Mir, Javaid Akhter Bhat, Nelofer Jan, Bikram Singh, Ashok Kumar Razdan, Mohd Ashraf Bhat et al.
    Pages 165-185
  9. Harinder K. Chaudhary, Vineeta Kaila, Shoukat Ahmad Rather
    Pages 187-209
  10. Stephen F. Chandler, Trevor W. Stevenson
    Pages 247-265
  11. Rajeev K. Azad, Nitish Mishra, Firoz Ahmed, Rakesh Kaundal
    Pages 267-287
  12. Jitendra Kumar, Aditya Pratap
    Pages 289-307
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 309-319

About this book


Transfer of alien genes into crop plants from wild and distant plant genetic resources has invoked tremendous interest of crop scientists globally and several traits including resistance to diseases and insect-pests, tolerance to drought, salinity, temperature extremities and other abiotic stresses as well as genes for several quality traits have been transferred through vertical and horizontal gene transfer. Alien gene transfer, lately aided by molecular markers,  molecular cytogenetics, genetic transformation and improved in vitro techniques has led to introgression of hundreds of genes of interest in crop species, thereby widening their genetic base and improving their genetic potential. While the gains through alien transfer are tremendous, these have also raised some doubts about the long-term economic and ecological impacts of such transfers in cultivated background. This book addresses all these issues and provides an insight into the methods, newer innovations, detection and achievements of alien gene transfer in crop plants. At the same time it also focuses on the issues of possible human and ecological impacts of alien gene transfers and describes the challenges and risks involved.


Crop Improvement Gene Transfer Plant Genetics

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  • Aditya Pratap
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  • Jitendra Kumar
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  1. 1.Senior Scientist (Plant Breeding)Indian Institute of Pulses Research Crop Improvement DivisionKalyanpur-KanpurIndia
  2. 2.Senior Scientist (Plant Breeding)Indian Institute of Pulses Research Crop Improvement DivisionKalyanpur-KanpurIndia

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