Building Sustainable Information Systems

Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Information Systems Development

  • Henry Linger
  • Julie Fisher
  • Andrew Barnden
  • Chris Barry
  • Michael Lang
  • Christoph Schneider
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Hamish T. Barney, Aybüke Aurum, Graham C. Low, Kevin Wang
    Pages 63-75
  3. Robert B. K. Brown, Angela M. E. Piper
    Pages 77-88
  4. Lois Burgess, Helen Hasan, Carole Alcock
    Pages 89-100
  5. Mark Freeman, Abdallah Alasraj, Paul Chandler
    Pages 127-138
  6. Matthias Galster, Armin Eberlein, Li Jiang
    Pages 139-151
  7. Nelson Gama, Pedro Sousa, Miguel Mira da Silva
    Pages 153-165
  8. L. García-Borgoñon, J. A. García-García, M. Alba, M. J. Escalona
    Pages 167-178
  9. J. Gutiérrez, M. J. Escalona, M. Mejías, F. Domínguez, C. R. Cutilla
    Pages 179-191
  10. Emilio Insfran, Silvia Abrahão, Javier González-Huerta, John D. McGregor, Isidro Ramos
    Pages 205-218
  11. Jenny Coady, Tessa Berg, Rob Pooley
    Pages 219-231
  12. Álvaro Jiménez, Juan M. Vara, Verónica A. Bollati, Esperanza Marcos
    Pages 233-245
  13. Marcel Korte, Kevin Lee, Chun Che Fung
    Pages 271-284
  14. Garry Lohan, Michael Lang, Kieran Conboy
    Pages 297-308
  15. Lubos Matl, Vladimir Kloucek, Viktor B. Bohdal, Jan Kubr, Tomas Cerny
    Pages 309-321
  16. Anders G. Nilsson, Thérèse H. Nilsson
    Pages 337-349
  17. Nipon Parinyavuttichai, Angela Y. Lin
    Pages 377-385
  18. Jaroslav Pokorný
    Pages 387-399
  19. Marek Polák, Irena Mlýnková, Eric Pardede
    Pages 401-416
  20. Andrés Jiménez, Irene Barba, Carmelo del Valle, Barbara Weber
    Pages 429-442
  21. Niamh O. Riordan, Tom Acton, Kieran Conboy, Willie Golden
    Pages 455-465
  22. Peteris Rudzajs, Marite Kirikova
    Pages 467-479
  23. Sureerat Saetang, Abrar Haider, Andy Koronios
    Pages 481-491
  24. Ricardo Jorge Santos, Jorge Bernardino, Marco Vieira
    Pages 493-507
  25. Darja Solodovnikova, Laila Niedrite, Aivars Niedritis
    Pages 531-542
  26. Adeola Wale-Kolade, Peter Axel Nielsen, Tero Päivärinta
    Pages 569-582
  27. Iyad Zikra, Sergio España, Marcela Ruiz, Oscar Pastor, Janis Stirna
    Pages 595-608
  28. Back Matter
    Pages 609-626

About these proceedings


This volume is the collected proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD2012) held at the Monash University Centre in Prato, Italy. The theme of the conference focused on the significant contribution that information systems can make to challenges posed by the degradation of the natural environment. This contribution includes the role of information systems in mitigation and adaptation strategies as well as addressing the direct contribution of information and communications technology to that degradation.

ISD2012 follows the conference series in exploring the relations between research, industry practice and education. Information systems development is at the core of the academic discipline of information systems and the papers in this volume reflect on established topics in information systems development as well as emerging concepts, approaches and practices. This is reflected in the conference tracks including:

The Changing Landscape of Information Systems: Properties of a New IS Ecology

Methodologies for Design within Complex Environments

Green IS - Information Systems for Sustainability

Model-driven Engineering in ISD

Sustainable ISD Project Management

Sustainable Knowledge Management


ISD Renewable Systems

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  • Henry Linger
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  • Julie Fisher
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  • Andrew Barnden
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  • Chris Barry
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  • Michael Lang
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  • Christoph Schneider
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  1. 1.Monash UniversityCaaulfield EastAustralia
  2. 2.Monash UniversityCaulfield EastAustralia
  3. 3.Box Hill InstituteBox HillAustralia
  4. 4.National University of IrelandGalwayIreland
  5. 5.National University of IrelandGalwayIreland
  6. 6.City University of Hong KongKowloonHong Kong SAR

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