The Biology of Plants Living on Fungi

  • Vincent Merckx

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Vincent S. F. T. Merckx
    Pages 1-17
  3. Vincent S. F. T. Merckx, John V. Freudenstein, Jonathan Kissling, Maarten J. M. Christenhusz, Raymond E. Stotler, Barbara Crandall-Stotler et al.
    Pages 19-101
  4. Vincent S. F. T. Merckx, Erik F. Smets, Chelsea D. Specht
    Pages 103-156
  5. Stephan Imhof, Hugues B. Massicotte, Lewis H. Melville, R. Larry Peterson
    Pages 157-214
  6. Vincent S. F. T. Merckx, Constantijn B. Mennes, Kabir G. Peay, József Geml
    Pages 215-244
  7. D. Lee Taylor, Craig F. Barrett, Gemma E. Beatty, Sarah E. Hopkins, Aaron H. Kennedy, Matthew R. Klooster
    Pages 245-266
  8. Richard J. Waterman, Matthew R. Klooster, Heiko Hentrich, Martin I. Bidartondo
    Pages 267-296
  9. Nicole A. Hynson, Thomas P. Madsen, Marc-André Selosse, Iris K. U. Adam, Yuki Ogura-Tsujita, Melanie Roy et al.
    Pages 297-342
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 343-356

About this book


Over the course of evolution, several plant lineages have found ways to obtain water, minerals, and carbohydrates from fungi. Some plants are able exploit fungi to such an extent that they lose the need for photosynthesis. The ability of a plant to live on fungal carbon is known as mycoheterotrophy. This intriguing process has fascinated botanists for centuries, yet many aspects of mycoheterotrophy have remained elusive for a long time.
Mycoheterotrophy: The Biology of Plants Living on Fungi explores the biology of mycoheterotrophs, offering general insights into their ecology, diversity, and evolution. Written by renowned experts in the field and bolstered with lavish illustrations and photographs, this volume provides a thematic overview of different aspects of mycoheterotrophy. Comprehensive and readily accessible,  Mycoheterotrophy: The Biology of Plants Living on Fungi is a valuable resource for researchers and students who are interested in the process of mycoheterotrophy.

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