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Solid State Lighting Reliability

Components to Systems

  • W.D. van Driel
  • X.J. Fan

Part of the Solid State Lighting Technology and Application Series book series (SSLTA, volume 1)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. T. de Groot, T. Vos, R. J. M. J. Vogels, W. D. van Driel
    Pages 1-11
  3. C. A. Yuan, C. N. Han, H. M. Liu, W. D. van Driel
    Pages 13-41
  4. M. G. Pecht, Moon-Hwan Chang
    Pages 43-110
  5. J. F. J. M. Caers, X. J. Zhao
    Pages 111-184
  6. S. Koh, W. D. van Driel, C. A. Yuan, G. Q. Zhang
    Pages 185-205
  7. S. Tarashioon
    Pages 207-230
  8. D. Schenkelaars, W. D. van Driel
    Pages 231-242
  9. Abhijit Dasgupta, Koustav Sinha, Jaemi Herzberger
    Pages 243-284
  10. J. Kloosterman, R. Kregting, M. Erinc, W. D. van Driel
    Pages 285-304
  11. O. van der Sluis, S. P. M. Noijen, P. H. M. Timmermans
    Pages 317-327
  12. W. D. van Driel, F. E. Evertz, J. J. M. Zaal, O. Morales Nápoles, C. A. Yuan
    Pages 329-346
  13. M. H. Schuld, B. F. Schriever, J. W. Bikker
    Pages 347-371
  14. M. G. Pecht
    Pages 373-393
  15. Jianfei Dong, W. D. van Driel, G. Q. Zhang
    Pages 395-412
  16. Xiu Peng Li, Chen Mei
    Pages 413-426
  17. Daoguo Yang, Miao Cai
    Pages 427-453
  18. Liyu Yang, Xiantao Yan
    Pages 497-556

About this book


Solid State Lighting Reliability: Components to Systems begins with an explanation of the major benefits of solid state lighting (SSL) when compared to conventional lighting systems including but not limited to long useful lifetimes of 50,000 (or more) hours and high efficacy. When designing effective devices that take advantage of SSL capabilities the reliability of internal components (optics, drive electronics, controls, thermal design) take on critical importance. As such a detailed discussion of reliability from performance at the device level to sub components is included as well as the integrated systems of SSL modules, lamps and luminaires including various failure modes, reliability testing and reliability performance. This book also:

  • Covers the essential reliability theories and practices for current and future development of Solid State Lighting components and systems
  • Provides a systematic overview for not only the state-of-the-art, but also future roadmap and perspectives of Solid State Lighting reliability
  • Discusses the reliability of LEDs and all other components, including the integrated systems of SSL modules, lamps and luminaires, failure modes, reliability testing and performance testing

Solid State Lighting Reliability: Components to Systems is an ideal book for industry professionals, researchers, and graduate students interested in a reference book for solid state lighting reliability from the performance of the (sub-) components to the total system.


LED Luminaire LED Module Light Emitting Diodes Lighting System Reliability Solid State Lighting

Editors and affiliations

  • W.D. van Driel
    • 1
  • X.J. Fan
    • 2
  1. 1.Philips LightingEindhovenNetherlands
  2. 2.Dept. of Mechanical Eng.Lamar UniversityBeaumontUSA

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