Stem Cell Transplantation

  • Carlos López-Larrea
  • Antonio López-Vázquez
  • Beatriz Suárez-Álvarez

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 741)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxv
  2. Basic Aspects of Transplantation

    1. Francisco Ortega
      Pages 13-26
    2. Rebeca Alonso Arias, Antonio López-Vázquez, Carlos López-Larrea
      Pages 27-43
    3. Marcos Lóez-Hoyos, David San Segundo, Manuel Arias
      Pages 44-59
    4. Josep M. Grinyó, Josep M. Cruzado, Oriol Bestard, J. R. Vidal Castiñeira, Joan Torras
      Pages 60-72
    5. Cristina Costa Vallés, Rafael Máñez Mendiluce
      Pages 73-88
    6. Ana Sánchez, Thomas Schimmang, Javier García-Sancho
      Pages 89-102
  3. Adult Stem Cells

    1. Manuel A. Gonzalez, Antonio Bernad
      Pages 103-120
    2. Fermín M. Sánchez-Guijo, Alberto Orfao, María Consuelo del Cañizo
      Pages 121-134
    3. Agustín G. Zapata, David Alfaro, Javier García-Ceca
      Pages 135-151
    4. Beatriz Suárez-Álvarez, Antonio López-Vázquez, Carlos López-Larrea
      Pages 152-170
    5. René Rodríguez, Javier García-Castro, Cesar Trigueros, Mariano García Arranz, Pablo Menéndez
      Pages 187-205
  4. Embryonic Stem Cells

    1. Ricardo Pardal, José López-Barneo
      Pages 206-216
    2. Miguel Martín, Pablo Menéndez
      Pages 217-230
    3. Vincenzo Calvanese, Mario F. Fraga
      Pages 231-253
    4. Miguel Muñoz Ruiz, José R. Regueiro
      Pages 254-275
    5. Ramon M. Rodriguez, Pablo J. Ross, Jose B. Cibelli
      Pages 276-289
  5. Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine

    1. Silvia Pérez López, Jesús Otero Hernández
      Pages 290-313
    2. Sara Llames, Eva García, Jesús Otero Hernández, Álvaro Meana
      Pages 314-336
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 337-342

About this book


Organ transplantation has been the most important therapeutic advance in the last third of the 20th century. Its development has revolutionized medicine, as demonstrated by the fact that a large number of researchers in this field have been awarded Nobel Prizes. In the beginning of this century, we are witnessing with great expectations the emergence of a new field of medicine related to the arrival of a new player on the scene: “stem cells” and their potential use in regenerative medicine. This volume aims to cover important aspects of the various facets of organ transplantation and regenerative medicine, with leading specialists in these fields setting out their vision. We try to rigorously explain current and novel scientific research in these fields—areas which arouse great interest from society in general, due to their potential use in modern medicine for the treatment of a great number of diseases.


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  • Antonio López-Vázquez
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