Selected Works of Terry Speed

  • Sandrine Dudoit

Part of the Selected Works in Probability and Statistics book series (SWPS)

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxx
  2. Brian A. Davey
    Pages 1-38
  3. Elja Arjas
    Pages 39-70
  4. Anirban DasGupta
    Pages 71-90
  5. Steffen L. Lauritzen
    Pages 91-140
  6. Terry Speed
    Pages 141-275
  7. Peter McCullagh
    Pages 277-293
  8. Karl W. Broman
    Pages 353-376
  9. Deborah Nolan
    Pages 377-396
  10. Mary Sara McPeek
    Pages 397-440
  11. Steven N. Evans
    Pages 441-470
  12. Darlene R. Goldstein
    Pages 471-533
  13. Lei M. Li
    Pages 535-561
  14. Simon E. Cawley
    Pages 563-583
  15. Jane Fridlyand
    Pages 585-642
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 643-665

About this book


The purpose of this volume is to provide an overview of Terry Speed’s contributions to statistics and beyond. Each of the fifteen chapters concerns a particular area of research and consists of a commentary by a subject-matter expert and selection of representative papers. The chapters, organized more or less chronologically in terms of Terry’s career, encompass a wide variety of mathematical and statistical domains, along with their application to biology and medicine. Accordingly, earlier chapters tend to be more theoretical, covering some algebra and probability theory, while later chapters concern more recent work in genetics and genomics. The chapters also span continents and generations, as they present research done over four decades, while crisscrossing the globe.

The commentaries provide insight into Terry’s contributions to a particular area of research, by summarizing his work and describing its historical and scientific context, motivation, and impact. In addition to shedding light on Terry’s scientific achievements, the commentaries reveal endearing aspects of his personality, such as his intellectual curiosity, energy, humor, and generosity.


Coding Theory Genetic Recombination Interaction Models Molecular Evolution Probability Statistics

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