Fine Particles in Medicine and Pharmacy

  • Egon Matijević

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  2. Egon Matijević
    Pages 25-55
  3. Silvana Andreescu, Maryna Ornatska, Joseph S. Erlichman, Ana Estevez, J. C. Leiter
    Pages 57-100
  4. Tapan K. Sau, Dan V. Goia
    Pages 101-145
  5. Evgeny Katz, Marcos Pita
    Pages 147-173
  6. Broden G. Rutherglen, Devon A. Shipp
    Pages 175-194
  7. Philip K. Hopke, Zuocheng Wang
    Pages 223-240
  8. Sergiy Minko
    Pages 283-308
  9. Richard Partch, Adrienne Stamper, Evon Ford, Abeer Al Bawab, Fadwa Odeh
    Pages 309-340
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 337-337

About this book


Pharmaceutical manufacture is very exacting – for example, drugs must be uniform in size, shape, efficacy, bioavailability, and safety. The presence of different polymorphs in drug production is a serious problem, since different polymorphs differ in bioavailability, solubility, dissolution rate, chemical and physical stability, melting point, color, filterability, density, and flow properties. Fine Particles in Medicine and Pharmacy discusses particle size, shape, and composition and how they determine the choice of polymorph of a drug.


Biomedical Biotechnology Colloid Drug Nanoparticle Particles Pharmacy

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