Advances in X-Ray Analysis

Volume 15

  • Kurt F. J. Heinrich
  • Charles S. Barrett
  • John B. Newkirk
  • Clayton O. Ruud

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Armin Segmüller
    Pages 114-122
  3. Ray L. Silver, Jack C. Turner
    Pages 123-134
  4. M. Slaughter, Davis Carpenter
    Pages 135-147
  5. F. Kunz, E. Eichen, H. Matthews, J. Francis
    Pages 148-163
  6. Robert D. Giauque, Joseph M. Jaklevic
    Pages 164-175
  7. J. M. Jaklevic, R. D. Giauque, D. F. Malone, W. L. Searles
    Pages 266-275
  8. J. H. McCrary, Ted Van Vorous
    Pages 285-294
  9. A. Kidron, R. J. De Angelis
    Pages 295-306
  10. Fu-Wen Ling, E. A. Starke Jr.
    Pages 319-329
  11. Ellery Storm, Harvey I. Israel, Douglas W. Lier
    Pages 339-351
  12. Bobby L. Bracewell, William J. Veigele
    Pages 352-364
  13. T. B. Johansson, R. Akselsson, S. A. E. Johansson
    Pages 373-387
  14. Jerome L. Duggan, William L. Beck, Larry Albrecht, Lee Munz, James D. Spaulding
    Pages 407-423
  15. W. S. Andrus, L. P. VanSpeybroeck, E. M. Kellogg, H. Gursky
    Pages 424-434
  16. F. S. Goulding, J. M. Jaklevic, B. V. Jarrett, D. A. Landis
    Pages 470-482
  17. J. E. A. Maurits, A. M. Hawley
    Pages 516-526
  18. Edwin H. Shaw Jr.
    Pages 527-533
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 557-573

About this book


The application of solid-state detectors of high energy resolution to x-ray spectrometry, and the increasing use of compu­ ters in both measurement and data evaluation, are giving a new stimulus to x-ray techniques in analytical chemistry. The Twentieth Annual Denver X-ray Conference reflects this renewed interest in several ways. The invited papers, grouped in Session I, review the charac­ teristics of the detectors used in the measurement of x-rays. One paper is dedicated to the detection of single ions. Although such a subject may appear to be marginal to the purposes of the Denver Conference, we must recognize the affinity of techniques applied to similar purposes. Ion probe mass spectrometry is dedicated to tasks similar to those performed by x-ray spectrometry with the electron probe microanalyzer. Scientists and technologists will see these two techniques discussed in the same meetings. The discussion of automation and programming is not limited to the two invited speakers, but extends to papers presented in more than one session. The matter of fluorescence analysis by isotope- and tube-excitation will also be of great interest to those concerned with the practical applications of x-ray techniques. The communications contained in this volume, and the lively discussions which frequently followed the presentation of papers, attest to the vitality of the subjects which are the concern of the Annual Denver X-ray Conference.


Migration Silicat X-ray Zirconium analytical chemistry crystal diffraction electron fluorescence fluorescence spectroscopy isotope lattice parameter quantitative analysis spectrometry spectroscopy

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