The Collected Works of J. Richard Büchi

  • Saunders Mac Lane
  • Dirk Siefkes

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. The Person and His Work

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Saunders Mac Lane, Dirk Siefkes
      Pages 2-3
    3. Sylvia Büchi
      Pages 4-6
    4. Dirk Siefkes
      Pages 7-17
    5. Saunders Mac Lane, Dirk Siefkes
      Pages 23-23
  3. The Publications, with Comments

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 27-27
    2. Boolean Agebras

    3. Discrete Spaces

      1. J. Richard Büchi, Gary Haggard
        Pages 147-159
      2. J. R. Büchi, T. M. Owens
        Pages 161-221
    4. Towards a Theory of Definability

      1. J. Richard Büchi, Jesse B. Wright
        Pages 226-232
      2. J. Richard Büchi, Jesse B. Wright
        Pages 234-240
      3. J. Richard Büchi, Kenneth J. Danhof
        Pages 241-250
      4. J. Richard Buchi, Kenneth J. Danhof
        Pages 252-260
      5. J. Richard Büchi, Kenneth J. Danhof
        Pages 261-276
      6. J. Richard Büchi
        Pages 277-286
    5. Automata and Grammars

      1. J. Richard Büchi
        Pages 317-337
      2. J. R. Büchi, W. H. Hosken
        Pages 371-380
    6. Automata and Monadic Theories

      1. J. Richakd Büchi
        Pages 398-424
      2. J. Richard Büchi
        Pages 459-462
      3. J. Richard Büchi, Lawrence H. Landweber
        Pages 464-468
      4. J. Richard Büchi, Charles Zaiontz
        Pages 493-516
    7. Games and Determinacy

    8. Computability

      1. J. Richard Büchi
        Pages 627-639
      2. J. Richard Büchi, Bernd Mahr, Dirk Siefkes
        Pages 641-663
      3. J. Richard Büchi, Steven Senger
        Pages 665-670
    9. Graphs and Matroids

      1. J. Richard Buchi, William E. Fenton
        Pages 685-696

About this book


J. Richard Biichi is well known for his work in mathematical logic and theoretical computer science. (He himself would have sharply objected to the qualifier "theoretical," because he more or less identified science and theory, using "theory" in a broader sense and "science" in a narrower sense than usual.) We are happy to present here this collection of his papers. I (DS)1 worked with Biichi for many years, on and off, ever since I did my Ph.D. thesis on his Sequential Calculus. His way was to travel locally, not globally: When we met we would try some specific problem, but rarely dis­ cussed research we had done or might do. After he died in April 1984 I sifted through the manuscripts and notes left behind and was dumbfounded to see what areas he had been in. Essentially I knew about his work in finite au­ tomata, monadic second-order theories, and computability. But here were at least four layers on his writing desk, and evidently he had been working on them all in parallel. I am sure that many people who knew Biichi would tell an analogous story.


computability computer science logic mathematical logic

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  2. 2.Fachberich InformatikTechnische Universität BerlinBerlin 10Germany

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