Amorphous Magnetism

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Amorphous Magnetism, August 17–18, 1972, Detroit, Michigan

  • Henry O. Hooper
  • Adriann M. de Graaf
Conference proceedings

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. P. W. Anderson
    Pages 1-14
  3. J. A. Krumhansl
    Pages 15-25
  4. T. Egami, O. A. Sacli, A. W. Simpson, A. L. Terry, F. A. Wedgwood
    Pages 27-45
  5. H. O. Hooper, G. B. Beard, R. M. Catchings, R. R. Bukrey, M. Forrest, P. F. Kenealy et al.
    Pages 47-63
  6. L. K. Wilson, E. J. Friebele, D. L. Kinser
    Pages 65-76
  7. G. R. Mather Jr.
    Pages 87-94
  8. Alan W. Thompson, P. L. Walker Jr., L. N. Mulay
    Pages 111-117
  9. J. Tauc, F. J. Di Salvo, G. E. Peterson, D. L. Wood
    Pages 119-132
  10. G. Busch, M. Campagna, H. C. Siegmann
    Pages 141-141
  11. F. Brouers, P. Lederer, M. Héritier
    Pages 151-159
  12. D. J. Sellmyer, J. M. Franz, L. K. Thomas
    Pages 185-194
  13. N. Rivier, K. Adkins
    Pages 215-227
  14. B. Window
    Pages 229-236
  15. J. A. Mydosh, P. J. Ford
    Pages 237-244
  16. Paul A. Beck, D. J. Chakrabarti
    Pages 273-282
  17. James P. Cusick, G. Bambakidis, Lawrence C. Becker
    Pages 291-298
  18. Ryusuke Hasegawa
    Pages 309-311
  19. R. Viswanathan, L. Kammerdiner, H. L. Luo
    Pages 321-324
  20. T. Mizoguchi, K. Yamauchi, H. Miyajima
    Pages 325-330
  21. R. G. Henderson, A. M. de Graaf
    Pages 331-341
  22. R. Harris, M. J. Zuckermann
    Pages 355-363
  23. J. J. Rhyne, S. J. Pickart, H. A. Alperin
    Pages 373-381
  24. D. C. Licciardello, E. N. Economou, C. T. Papatriantafillou
    Pages 387-392
  25. J. E. Gubernatis, P. L. Taylor
    Pages 405-411
  26. R. M. Stubbs, C. G. Montgomery
    Pages 413-420
  27. S. M. Bose, K. Moorjani, T. Tanaka, M. M. Sokoloski
    Pages 421-430
  28. Back Matter
    Pages 439-443

About these proceedings


The title of amorphous magnetism was conceived to en­ compass the study of the magnetic properties of dilute ran­ dom substitutional alloys, amorphous metallic alloys, amor­ phous magnetic semiconductors and the conventional glasses, including cha1cogenide, organic and inorganic glasses. These materials have heretofore been considered to be quite different because of the differences in their atomic struc­ tures. However, when the magnetic behavior of these mater­ ials is carefully examined it becomes clear that these materials exhibit certain similarities. For the first time at the International Symposium on Amorphous Magnetism held at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan on August 17 and 18, 1972, scientists working in these areas were assembled to examine the similarities of these systems. This volume contains a summary of the 9 invited talks, 23 delivered, contributed papers and an additional 12 contri­ buted papers whcih were not presented because of insuffic­ ient time in the program. This volume presents for the first time a collection of the most current theoretical and experimental studies in the area of amorphous magnetism. We wish to thank the authors of these papers for their outstanding cooperation in preparing their manuscripts and for editing our transcriptions from tape recordings of the discussions which followed their presentations. In addition, we wish to thank the participants at this conference whose enthusiasm and interest made the conference so successful.


behavior crystal dispersion electron experiment magnetic material magnetism neutron diffraction paper scattering semiconductor transcription

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