Immune Reactivity of Lymphocytes

Development, Expression, and Control

  • Michael Feldman
  • Amiela Globerson

Table of contents

  1. Cell Interactions in Immune Responses

  2. Lymphoid Cell Receptors and Antigen Recognition

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 335-335
    2. G. L. Ada, R. V. Blanden
      Pages 337-341
    3. Alexander Miller, Dominick DeLuca, Franco Celada, Eli Sercarz
      Pages 343-348
    4. W. Clark, J. Nedrud, M. Touton, L. Knoeber
      Pages 355-360
    5. R. Tanenbaum, D. Sulitzeanu
      Pages 367-372
    6. D. A. L. Davies, N. A. Staines
      Pages 381-386
    7. E. Mozes, R. Isac, D. Givol, R. Zakut, D. Beitsch
      Pages 397-402
    8. G. E. Roelants
      Pages 409-412
  3. Tumor Immunology: Interactions between Lymphocytes, Antibodies and Neoplastic Cells

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 413-413
    2. T. Juhani Linna, Cheng-po Hu, Kenneth M. Lam
      Pages 415-421
    3. Eckehart Kölsch, Rudolf Mengersen
      Pages 431-436
    4. Maya Ran, Isaac P. Witz, George Kleint
      Pages 451-456
    5. Steven C. Specter, Isao Kamo, Herman Friedman
      Pages 457-463
    6. Ruth Gallily, Hannah Eliahu, Zina Ben-Ishay
      Pages 471-476
    7. Gary R. Braslawsky, Margalith Yaakubowicz, Asher Frensdorff, Isaac P. Witz
      Pages 495-500
    8. C. D. Baroni, R. Scelsi, M. Scelsi, G. Soravito, L. Ruco, S. Uccini
      Pages 501-506
  4. Round-Table Discussion: Definition and Functions of IR Genes

  5. Regulation of Immune Responses: Suppressor Cells, their Nature and Function. Enhancing Factors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 555-555
    2. Richard K. Gershon
      Pages 557-563
    3. Wulf Droege, Margaretha Tuneskog
      Pages 571-576
    4. R. D. Barnes
      Pages 577-583
    5. I. Zan-Bar, D. Nachtigal, M. Feldman
      Pages 585-592

About this book


The area of the Lake of Galilee, which is the site of the Fifth Confer­ ence on Lymphatic Tissues and Germinal Centers, has been a germinal center of dramatic events in human history. Thus, some two million years ago, it seems to have harbored an important phase of human evolu­ tion, when the descendants of the African Australopithecus migrated north­ wards, attempting to become Homo sapiens. Two thousand years ago, this very place was a germinal center for a new religion which determined some of the most important components of the history of western civilization. This may have been the first significant contribution of the people of the Lake of Galilee area to the world of ideas and values. More recently, some 70 years ago, this very place was a germinal center for a great ex­ periment aimed at the translation into actual reality of ethical and social values, by the establishment of the first kibbutz in Israel on this shore. We, therefore, hoped that by selecting this place for the Fifth Germinal Centers Meeting we could expect the inspiration of the site to generate new concepts and views.


T cell Thymus cytotoxicity diseases histocompatibility immune response immune system immunity immunoglobulin immunology leukemia lymphocytes pathology physiology virus

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