The Host-Plant in Relation to Insect Behaviour and Reproduction

  • T. Jermy

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-12
  2. E. A. Bernays, W. M. Blaney, R. F. Chapman, A. G. Cook
    Pages 35-40
  3. E. A. Bernays, R. F. Chapman
    Pages 41-46
  4. J. S. Kennedy
    Pages 121-123
  5. M. Markkula, S. Laurema, K. Tiittanen
    Pages 153-155
  6. F. G. Maxwell, M. F. Schuster, W. R. Meredith, M. L. Laster
    Pages 157-161
  7. R. J. Prokopy, E. G. Haniotakis
    Pages 209-214
  8. L. M. Schoonhoven
    Pages 261-266

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Phytohormon amino acid bean development evolution growth metabolism nutrition pea plants

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