Growth of Crystals

Volume 10

  • N. N. Sheftal’

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. V. V. Puchkov, L. D. Kislovskii
    Pages 18-25
  3. B. M. Bulakh, N. N. Sheftal’
    Pages 105-124
  4. G. V. Kleshchev, A. N. Bryzgalov, P. P. Butorin, L. N. Chernyi, V. N. Turlakov, A. F. Kuznetsov et al.
    Pages 125-132
  5. G. V. Kleshchev, A. N. Bryzgalov
    Pages 133-146
  6. G. V. Kleshchev, A. N. Bryzgalov, L. N. Chernyi, A. F. Kuznetsov, P. I. Nikitichev
    Pages 147-153
  7. N. G. Sokolova, M. D. Lyubalin
    Pages 161-165
  8. L. A. Zadorozhnaya, V. G. Galstyan, V. A. Lyakhovitskaya
    Pages 175-179
  9. L. I. Kvater, I. V. Frishberg
    Pages 180-184
  10. V. F. Bevz, M. I. Osovskii, E. S. Fal’kevich
    Pages 211-215
  11. Yu. M. Smirnov, E. S. Fal’kevich
    Pages 216-219
  12. E. Budevskii, V. Bostanov, T. Vitanov
    Pages 231-250
  13. N. N. Sheftal’, A. N. Buzynin
    Pages 258-272
  14. N. N. Sheftal’
    Pages 273-282
  15. N. N. Sheftal’
    Pages 283-285
  16. N. N. Sheftal’
    Pages 286-290

About this book


This tenth volume completes the first series of "Growth of Crystals," which began in 1957. The sources of the volumes are as follows: for Vol. I, the 1st All-Union Conference on Crystal Growth; for Vol. 3, the 2nd; and for Vols. 5 and 6, the 3rd; Vols. 7 and 8 reported the International Symposium on Crystal Growth at the Seventh International Crystallography Con­ gress, and Vol. 9 the 1969 symposium on crystal growth dedicated to E. S. Fedorov; Vols. 2, 4, and 10 did not originate in conferences. The main problem that largely occupied the conferences and symposia and also the inter­ mediate volumes was that of real crystal formation, as well as the relation of crystal growth theory to practical crystal production. This tenth volume, which completes this first series, is to a considerable extent a survey. It contains more extensive theoretical and experimental original papers, as well as some shorter papers dealing with particular but important aspects of real crystal formation. The volume opens with a paper by V. V. Voronkov, which deals with the structure of crystal surface in Kossel's model. The model as proposed by Kossel is extremely simple. It deals qualitatively with the basic trends in the growth of an idealized crystal in its own va­ por at absolute zero, and naturally does not allow one to perform quantitative studies on com­ plex real processes.


crystal crystallography electron electron microscope experiment growth paper phase transition scanning electron microscope structure

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  • N. N. Sheftal’
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  1. 1.Institute of CrystallographyAcademy of Sciences of the USSRMoscowRussia

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