Atomic Physics 5

  • Richard Marrus
  • Michael Prior
  • Howard Shugart

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. C. Bouchiat, M. A. Bouchiat, L. Pottier
    Pages 1-21
  3. P. E. G. Baird, M. W. S. M. Brimicombe, G. J. Roberts, P. G. H. Sandars, D. N. Stacey
    Pages 27-35
  4. Chien-Shiung Wu
    Pages 63-94
  5. R. Coombes, R. Flexer, A. Hall, R. Kennelly, J. Kirkby, R. Piccioni et al.
    Pages 95-101
  6. Allen P. Mills Jr., Stephan Berko, Karl F. Canter
    Pages 103-124
  7. Michael H. Prior, Edmond C. Wang
    Pages 125-145
  8. S. Haroche, C. Fabre, M. Gross, P. Pillet
    Pages 179-200
  9. Curt Ekström, Ingvar Lindgren
    Pages 201-213
  10. H. T. Duong, P. Jacquinot, P. Juncar, S. Liberman, J. Pinard, J. L. Vialle et al.
    Pages 215-225
  11. Daniel Kleppner
    Pages 269-281
  12. D. A. Shirley, S.-T. Lee, S. Süzer, R. L. Martin, E. Matthias, R. A. Rosenberg
    Pages 313-323
  13. M. S. Lubell
    Pages 325-373
  14. Kenneth M. Young
    Pages 391-414
  15. Hans D. Betz, F. Bell, E. Spindler
    Pages 493-508
  16. F. W. Saris, Th. P. Hoogkamer
    Pages 509-536
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 567-573

About this book


The Fifth International Conference on Atomic Physics was held July 26-30, 1976 in Berkeley, California. Invited talks were solicited which were representative of the most important developments since the fourth conference held in Heidelberg, Germany in 1974. In this volume, we have collected the manuscripts of the invited speakers, in the belief that they represent a guide to contemporary re­ search in atomic physics. Experimental work on such topics as the search for parity violation, spectroscopy and collision processes of fast, highly-stripped heavy ions, exotic atoms, high-Rydberg states, laser spectros­ copy, photoelectron spectroscopy, and others are described. The work described in these manuscripts is a clear mea­ sure of the continued vitality of our field. One unhappy event since the last conference was the passing of Dr. Victor William (Bill) Cohen (1911-1974) of Brookhaven National Laboratory. Bill was one of the scientists who recognized early the need for personal communication among atomic physicists and was the prime mover in establishing the present international conference series. Everyone who has enjoyed the stimulation of these conferences is indebted to Bill Cohen, and we dedicate this volume of the proceedings to his memory.


atomic collision atomic physics atoms collision development electron spectroscopy excited atoms experiment heavy ion laser molecule photoelectron spectroscopy physics spectroscopy

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