Ion Implantation in Semiconductors 1976

  • Fred Chernow
  • James A. Borders
  • David K. Brice

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Silicon Implantation

    1. Takashi Hirao, Kaoru Inoue, Shigetoshi Takayanagi, Yuki Yaegashi
      Pages 1-9
    2. P. Blood, W. L. Brown, G. L. Miller
      Pages 21-29
    3. I. Ohdomari, M. Ikeda, H. Yoshimoto, N. Onoda, Y. Tanabe, T. Itoh
      Pages 39-47
    4. G. Mezey, T. Nagy, J. Gyulai, E. Kotai, A. Manuaba, T. Lohner et al.
      Pages 49-56
    5. A. Hiraki, M. Iwami, K. Shuto, T. Saegusa, T. Narusawa, K. Gamo et al.
      Pages 57-64
    6. J. C. Muller, R. Stuck, P. Siffert, S. Kalbitzer
      Pages 65-75
  3. GaAs

    1. E. V. K. Rao, N. Duhamel, P. N. Favennec, H. L’haridon
      Pages 77-88
    2. M. Fujimoto, H. Yamazaki, T. Honda
      Pages 89-96
    3. F. H. Eisen, B. M. Welch
      Pages 97-106
    4. B. K. Shin, Y. S. Park, J. E. Ehret
      Pages 107-114
    5. K. Aoki, K. Gamo, K. Masuda, S. Namba
      Pages 123-130
    6. R. B. Benson Jr., M. A. Littlejohn, K. Lee, R. E. Ricker
      Pages 131-139
    7. J. Comas, L. Plew, P. K. Chatterjee, W. V. McLevige, K. V. Vaidyanathan, B. G. Streetman
      Pages 141-148
    8. C. A. Stolte
      Pages 149-157
    9. Hideki Matsumura, Selcuk Gecim, Kenneth G. Stephens
      Pages 159-166
  4. Metals

    1. J. M. Poate, J. A. Borders, A. G. Cullis, J. K. Hirvonen
      Pages 179-180
    2. J. E. Westmoreland, P. R. Malmberg, J. A. Sprague, F. A. Smidt Jr., L. G. Kirchner
      Pages 181-189
    3. R. A. Kant, S. M. Myers, S. T. Picraux
      Pages 191-200
    4. J. S. Williams, R. Andrew, C. E. Christodoulides, W. A. Grant, P. J. Grundy, G. A. Stephens
      Pages 213-222
    5. O. Auciello, R. A. Baragiola, E. R. Salvatelli, J. L. Spino
      Pages 231-238
    6. G. Foti, S. T. Picraux, S. U. Campisano, E. Rimini, R. A. Kant
      Pages 247-255
  5. Insulators

    1. P. Hartemann, M. Morizot
      Pages 257-264
    2. B. D. Evans, H. D. Hendricks, F. D. Bazzarre, J. M. Bunch
      Pages 265-274
    3. G. W. Arnold
      Pages 275-283
    4. T. F. Luera, J. A. Borders, G. W. Arnold
      Pages 285-294
    5. V. V. Krasnopevtsev, Ju. V. Milyutin, V. S. Vavilov, P. N. Lebedev, A. E. Gorodetsky, A. N. Khodan et al.
      Pages 295-304
    6. D. W. Ormond, E. A. Irene, J. E. E. Baglin, B. L. Crowder
      Pages 305-317
  6. Recoil Implantation

  7. Silicon Damage

    1. D. P. Lecrosnier, G. P. Pelous, J. Burgeat
      Pages 409-416
    2. P. R. Brosious
      Pages 417-425
    3. G. A. Kachurin, V. A. Bogatyriov, S. I. Romanov, L. S. Smirnov
      Pages 445-451
    4. Amitabh Jain, B. J. Smith, J. Stephen
      Pages 453-460
    5. L. D. Glowinski, P. S. Ho, K. N. Tu
      Pages 461-469

About this book


The Fifth International Conference on Ion Implantation took place in Boulder, Colorado between the 9th and 13th of August 1976. Papers were delivered by scientists and engineers from 15 countries, and the attendees represented 19 countries. As has become the custom at these conferences, the sessions were intense with the coffee breaks and evenings given to informal meetings among the participants. It was a time to renew old friendships, begin new ones, exchange ideas, personally question authors of papers that appeared in the literature since the last conference and find out what was generally happening in Ion Implantation. In recent years it has beome more difficult to get funding to travel to such meetings. To assist the participating authors financial aid was solicited from industry and the Office of Naval Research. We are most grateful for their positive response to our requests. The success of the conference was in part due to their generous contributions. The Program Committee had the unhappy task of the reviewing of more than 170 abstracts. The result of their labors was well worth their effort. Much thanks goes to them for molding the conference into an accurate representation of activities in the field. Behind the scenes in Boulder, local arrangements were handled ably by Graeme Eldridge. The difficulty of this task cannot be overemphasized. Our thanks to him for a job well done.


Plantation corrosion crystal diffusion electron electron microscope electron microscopy hydrogen microscopy paper scattering semiconductor thin films transmission electron microscopy

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