Application of Biological Markers to Carcinogen Testing

  • Harry A. Milman
  • Stewart Sell

Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 29)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Welcoming Remarks

  3. In Vivo Tests

    1. Elizabeth K. Weisburger
      Pages 7-8
    2. M. Tatematsu, T. Kaku, A. Medline, L. Eriksson, W. Roomi, R. N. Sharma et al.
      Pages 25-42
    3. Martin Lipkin, Eileen Friedman, Paul Higgins, Leonard Augenlicht
      Pages 61-89
    4. Bandaru S. Reddy
      Pages 91-107
    5. Margaret L. Kripke
      Pages 109-115
  4. In Vitro Tests

  5. Enzymes

    1. Doris Balinsky, Russell Hilf
      Pages 177-178
    2. R. E. Kouri, R. A. Lubet, C. E. McKinney, G. M. Connolly, D. W. Nebert, T. L. McLemore
      Pages 179-197
    3. Mari K. Haddox, Anne R. L. Greenfield
      Pages 221-228
  6. Oncofetal Antigens and Hormones

    1. Stewart Sell, K. Robert McIntire
      Pages 267-269
    2. S. Sell, F. Becker, H. Leffert, K. Osborn, J. Salman, B. Lombardi et al.
      Pages 271-293
    3. Bernard M. Jaffe, M. Gabriella Santoro
      Pages 313-319
  7. Monoclonal Antibodies

  8. Carcinogen-Induced Modification in DNA

    1. Arthur C. Upton, George W. Teebor
      Pages 387-388
    2. George W. Teebor, Krystyna Frenkel
      Pages 403-415
    3. Miriam C. Poirier, Juichiro Nakayama, Frederica P. Perera, I. Bernard Weinstein, Stuart H. Yuspa
      Pages 427-440
  9. Viruses

    1. Claudio Basilico, Lisa Dailey, Sandra Pellegrini, Robert G. Fenton, Franca La Bella
      Pages 441-452
    2. W. S. Hayward, B. G. Neel, S. C. Jhanwar, R. S. K. Chaganti
      Pages 453-463
    3. William S. Robinson, Roger H. Miller, Patricia L. Marion
      Pages 465-473
  10. Roundtable Discussion

    1. Stewart Sell, Van R. Potter, Edward A. Smuckler, Arthur C. Upton, Emmanuel E. Farber, Gary M. Williams et al.
      Pages 475-487
  11. Posters

    1. L. C. Eriksson, R. K. Ho, M. W. Roomi, R. N. Sharma, R. K. Murray, E. Farber
      Pages 489-489
    2. Dale E. Johnson, Carol A. Benkendorf, Herbert H. Cornish
      Pages 491-492
    3. R. K. Sharma, M. Lemmon, J. Bakke, I. Galperin, D. Kram
      Pages 499-500
    4. Isaac P. Witz, Margalit Efrati, Elinor Malatzky, Lea Shochat, Rachel Ehrlich
      Pages 504-505

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