High Speed Photography

Proceedings of the Eleventh International Congress on High Speed Photography, Imperial College, University of London, September 1974

  • P. J. Rolls

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages N1-16
  2. Opening Address

    1. I. Maddock
      Pages 17-20
    2. Brian Flowers
      Pages 21-22
  3. Invited Paper I

  4. Invited Paper II

    1. M. Ya. Schelev
      Pages 32-40
  5. Invited Paper III

  6. Invited Paper IV

  7. High-Speed and Ultra High-Speed Cameras

    1. A. E. Huston, D. J. Bowley, K. A. F. Haynes
      Pages 61-64
    2. L. V. Akimakina, V. P. Belousov, O. F. Grebennikov, V. P. Gusev
      Pages 78-82
  8. High-Speed Cameras

    1. J. S. McVeagh, H. A. Newbery
      Pages 83-88
    2. A. De Volpi, R. Roddick, R. Brenner, R. Pecina, D. Travis, R. Daly
      Pages 89-94
    3. W. P. Belousov, O. F. Grebennikow, S. M. Prowornow, B. N. Tarasow
      Pages 95-100
  9. Electro-Optical Cameras and Shutters

    1. S. W. Thomas, J. W. Houghton, G. R. Tripp, L. W. Coleman
      Pages 101-106
    2. R. Hadland, K. Helbrough, A. E. Huston
      Pages 107-111
    3. P. R. Bird, D. J. Bradley, W. Sibbett
      Pages 112-117
    4. P. R. Bird, D. J. Bradley, A. G. Roddie, W. Sibbett, M. H. Key, M. J. Lamb et al.
      Pages 118-123
    5. B. R. C. Garfield
      Pages 124-129
    6. G. Clément, C. Loty, J. P. Roux, C. Chancel
      Pages 130-135
    7. C. Chancel, N. Fleurot, J. P. Gex
      Pages 136-143
    8. A. J. Lieber, R. F. Benjamin, H. D. Sutphin, G. H. McCall
      Pages 144-149
  10. Electro-Optical Cameras and Shutters

  11. Electro-Optical Cameras

    1. L. W. Coleman, C. F. McConaghy
      Pages 196-201
    2. A. E. Huston, D. J. Bowley
      Pages 207-210
    3. Yu. A. Drozhbin, G. V. Kolesov, V. B. Lebedev, B. M. Stepanov, T. S. Vyugina
      Pages 223-227
    4. L. I. Andreyeva, M. M. Butslov, B. Z. Gorbenko, S. A. Kaidalov, B. M. Stepanov, A. M. Tolmachev et al.
      Pages 235-239
  12. Holography and Interferometry

    1. J. S. Courtney-Pratt
      Pages 246-246
    2. Tsuneyoshi Uyemura, Yoshitaka Yamamoto
      Pages 271-276
    3. D. J. Carley, M. A. Lowe, C. J. Norman, I. K. Pearce, J. D. Redman
      Pages 277-282
    4. A. F. Belozerov, A. N. Berezkin, N. P. Mudrevskaya, L. T. Mustafina, A. I. Razumovskaya
      Pages 301-306
  13. Holography and Analysis

    1. A. S. Dubovik, Yu. I. Filenko, V. M. Ginzburg, B. M. Stepanov, L. S. Ushakov
      Pages 307-312

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The combination of color schlieren with high speed flash techniques has proved to be a valuable tool for investigating high speed transient events. Fully two dimensional refractive index information can be ob­ tained. The resolution on 35 mm film was sharp enough to allow 50 cm by 75 cm color enlargements. REFERENCES 1. Barnes, N.F., Jour. of the SMPTE, Oct. 1953, Vol. 61,487-511. 2. Cords, P.R., S.P.I.E. Jour., February-March 1968, Vol. 6. 3. North, R.J., NPL/Aero/266, 1954. 4. Settles, G.S., Image Technology, June-July 1972. 5. Smith, L.L., and J.R. Waddell, 9th Congress of Righ Speed Photogra­ phy, Denver, Colo., August 1970, Paper 86. 6. Stong, C.L., and G.S. Settles, Scientific American, May 1971, Vol. 225, No.5. 7. Stong, C.L., and Vandiver, J.K., Scientific American, August 1974, Vol. 231, No.2. ,105 DISCUSSION MY' R J North, (UK): Pould the author care to comment on possible ambiguities of interpretation due to the omnidirectional sensitivity of the colour filter system used? I notice that in two of his pic­ tures density gradients in directions at right angles are shown by the same colour transitions. MY' J Kim Vandiver: The photographs presented were not composed to yield accurate determination of the direction of density gradients.


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