Sex Education in the Eighties

The Challenge of Healthy Sexual Evolution

  • Editors
  • Lorna Brown

Part of the Perspectives in Sexuality book series (Persp. Sex.)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Lester A. Kirkendall
    Pages 1-17
  3. Harriet F. Pilpel, Laurie R. Rockett
    Pages 19-31
  4. David R. Mace
    Pages 33-42
  5. Jane M. Johnson
    Pages 43-49
  6. Floyd M. Martinson
    Pages 51-82
  7. Gary F. Kelly
    Pages 101-113
  8. Eli A. Rubinstein
    Pages 115-126
  9. William H. Genné
    Pages 127-135
  10. Mary Lee Tatum
    Pages 137-144
  11. Michael A. Carrera, Eugene A. Baker
    Pages 145-162
  12. Warren R. Johnson
    Pages 163-171
  13. Herant A. Katchadourian
    Pages 173-190
  14. Deryck Calderwood
    Pages 191-201
  15. Harold I. Lief
    Pages 203-216
  16. Harvey L. Gochros
    Pages 217-232
  17. Robert N. Butler, Myrna I. Lewis
    Pages 233-246
  18. Mary S. Calderone
    Pages 247-251
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 251-264

About this book


The odd reader (here in England "odd" means occasional) may be interested in how a book comes about. Members of the SIECUS Board of Directors were planning a Festschrift and dinner for Mary Calderone on the occasion of her 75th birthday. One planning idea was to have a booklet, filled with brief essays from prominent sex educators, distributed between the roast beef and the ice cream. My reaction was that such "souvenirs" find their burial place in the same dusty drawer as the program from the high school prom and ticket stubs from South Pacific. I suggested a more lasting, noticeable "monument," a "proper" (as the English say) book which would draw contributions from both SIECUS and non-SIECUS scholars. 1 was too clever to be trapped as editor (in a 1974 preface, I had written "I swore 1 wouldn't edit another book"). And so I seduced Lorna Brown (into being editor). I contacted a few potential con­ tributors, suggested a few others, convinced Leonard Pace at Plenum Press that this was a worthwhile venture, and left the country. To my amaze­ ment, six months after settling in Cambridge, England, the rough draft of the book arrived along with areminder from Lorna that during the se­ duction I had promised to write an Introduction.


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