Crystalline Electric Field and Structural Effects in f-Electron Systems

  • Jack E. Crow
  • Robert P. Guertin
  • Ted W. Mihalisin

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Crystal Field and Structural Effects

  3. Lattice Effects I

    1. D. L. Huber, K. M. Leung
      Pages 39-49
    2. Pierre Morin, Denys Schmitt, Etienne du Trémolet de Lacheisserie
      Pages 61-74
    3. J. Bijvoet, M. H. de Jong, H. Hölscher, P. F. de Châtel
      Pages 83-86
    4. James R. Cullen, M. Melamud, K. Hathaway
      Pages 87-93
    5. U. Häfner, H. W. Meul, K. Nicholson, D. Wohlleben
      Pages 95-102
    6. B. Lebech, K. Clausen, O. Vogt
      Pages 103-107
  4. Lattice Effects II

    1. K. Knorr, A. Loidl, J. K. Kjems
      Pages 141-152
    2. J. Keller, K. W. Becker
      Pages 173-179
    3. D. Lupu, P. Maxim, M. Bogdan
      Pages 181-185
    4. Ivan Veltruský, Vladimir Nekvasil
      Pages 199-204
    5. A. Andreeff, H. Griesmann, L. P. Kaun, W. Matz, P. A. Alekseev, I. P. Sadikov et al.
      Pages 205-214
  5. Actinides

  6. Kondo and Intermediate Valence Properties

    1. R. D. Parks, S. M. Shapiro, C. F. Majkrzak, B. H. Grier
      Pages 301-312
    2. R. Takke, W. Assmus, B. Lüthi, T. Goto, K. Andres
      Pages 321-326
    3. K. Andres, A. Jayaraman, R. G. Maines, F. S. L. Hsu, H. R. Ott, E. Bucher
      Pages 327-332
    4. E. Umlauf, P. Sütsch, E. Hess
      Pages 341-351
  7. Transport and Thermodynamic Properties

  8. Singlet Ground State and Other Properties

    1. Yung-Li Wang
      Pages 443-455
    2. R. Siemann, B. R. Cooper, R. P. Guertin, S. Foner
      Pages 457-464
    3. C. Y. Huang, Nai Li Huang Liu
      Pages 465-472

About this book


Perhaps the title of this conference "Ctystalline Electric Field and Structural Effects in f-Electron Systems" reflects best the growth and direction of the field. The title and the conference itself go beyond "CEF" in two broad and important respects. First, the inter-relations between CEF and mode softenings, distortions due to quadruplar ordering or the Jahn­ Teller effect, have gained greater focus, hence the inclusion of . •• "Structral Effects. " Second, much greater emphasis on the actinides and, in particular, comparisons between actinides and the lighter rare earths is seen in this conference, hence the more general terminology . . . Iff-Electron Systems. " It seems clear that this comparison will lead to an extension to the actinides of mixed valence and Kondo considerations, as well as CEF effects. The emergence of a broader discipline which includes all f-electron systems and which is concerned with unstable, as well as stable, valence reflects the maturation of the field and a coming to grips with the complexity, as well as the unity, of f-electron systems. This maturation is also seen in the growing realization of the effects of CEF on transport, thermodynamic properties, and superconductivity and its co-existence with magnetic order. This volume contains 63 articles, all but two of which were presented at the Conference held in Philadelphia, U. S. A. , on 12-15 November, 1979. About 100 conferees from 13 countries attended the meeting which consisted of four full days of lecture presentations.


complexity crystal dispersion elasticity growth intermetallic compound lattice parameter lead magnetism neutron diffraction phase transition scattering superconductivity transport

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  • Robert P. Guertin
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  • Ted W. Mihalisin
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