Effects of Acid Precipitation on Terrestrial Ecosystems

  • T. C. Hutchinson
  • M. Havas

Part of the NATO Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 4)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Introduction

    1. T. C. Hutchison
      Pages 1-2
  3. Address to Conference Delegates

    1. Frank Maine
      Pages 3-7
  4. The Nature of Precipitation Reaching the Forest Canopy and the Ground

    1. Peringe Grennfelt, Curt Bengtson, Lena Skarby
      Pages 29-40
    2. Gode Gravenhorst, Sigfried Beilke, Martin Betz, Hans-Walter Georgii
      Pages 41-55
    3. John S. Eaton, Gene E. Likens, F. Herbert Bormann
      Pages 69-75
    4. G. M. Glover, A. S. Kallend, A. R. W. Marsh, A. H. Webb
      Pages 95-109
    5. Svante Odén, Thorsten Ahl
      Pages 111-122
  5. The Effect of Acidic Atmospheric Inputs on Vegetation

  6. Effect of Acid Precipitation on Soils

  7. Effect of Soil Acidity on Plant Nutrition, Mineral Cycling and Soil Microbial Activity

  8. The Influence of Acid Precipitation on Soil Inputs to Water

  9. Identification of Sensitive Sites and Soils

  10. Meeting Summaries

About this book


This volume contains papers presented at a NATO Advanced Research Institute, sponsored by their Eco-Sciences Panel, on "The effects of acid precipitation on vegetation and soils," held at Toronto, Canada from May 22-26, 1978. The organizing expenses and greater part of the expenses of the speakers and chair~en were provided by N.A.T.O. The scientific programme was planned by T. C. Hutchinson together with an international planning committee of G. Abrahamsen (Norway), G. Likens (U.S.A.), F.E. Last (U.K.), C.O. Tamm (Sweden) and B. Ulrich (W. Germany). Many of the dimensions of the 'acid rain' problem are common to countries of northern Europe and North America. The developing awareness over the past ten years of the international nature of the acid rain phenomenon has lead to studies documenting damaging effects on susceptible freshwater bodies. Large areas of the Canadian Pre-Cambrian Shield, with its extension into the United States, and the granitic areas of southern Norwayand Sweden contain lakes which are in the process of acidification. The biological resources of these affected areas are of considerable national concern. However, while clearly damaging effects of acidification on freshwater systems have been well documented, the impact of acid precipitation on terrestrial systems has not been so well understood.


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