The Biosaline Concept

An Approach to the Utilization of Underexploited Resources

  • Alexander Hollaender
  • James C. Aller
  • Emanuel Epstein
  • Anthony San Pietro
  • Oskar R. Zaborsky

Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 14)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. James C. Aller, Oskar R. Zaborsky
    Pages 1-15
  3. James A. Bassham
    Pages 17-45
  4. Emanuel Epstein, R. W. Kingsbury, J. D. Norlyn, D. W. Rush
    Pages 77-99
  5. Howard J. Teas
    Pages 117-161
  6. Janos K. Lanyi
    Pages 217-233
  7. Howard A. Wilcox
    Pages 235-259
  8. S. I. Doroshov, F. S. Conte, W. H. Clark Jr.
    Pages 261-283
  9. William J. Oswald, John R. Benemann
    Pages 285-308
  10. John R. Benemann
    Pages 309-331
  11. Robert W. Coughlin, Oskar R. Zaborsky
    Pages 333-359
  12. J. Mielenz, K. Andersen, R. Tait, R. C. Valentine
    Pages 361-370
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 379-391

About this book


There are many areas on this world which might lend themselves to agricultural development and which are, at the present, not used for this purpose. Two of the most obvious are desert areas where the salt concentration is very high, both land and water areas. With the development of new approaches and careful research, considerably more productive capability could be developed in these. This volume points out some of the possible approaches as well as results ob­ tained by a combination of creative research, practical understanding of the problems involved and inventive ways to overcome some of the handicaps of utilizing biosaline areas. This volume grew out of the "International Workshop on Biosaline Research" organized by Mr. Gilbert Devey of the Division of Interna­ tional programs of the National Science Foundation and directed by Dr. Anthony San Pietro of the Department of Biology of Indiana Uni­ versity. Since the proceedings of the workshop appeared somewhat limited, it was thought to broaden the spectra of chapters and in­ clude several topics briefly discussed at the Kiawah workshop.


Potential agriculture biology carbon environment microorganism temperature water

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