Neutron Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy

  • Robert E. Chrien
  • Walter R. Kane

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Invited Papers

    1. F. Iachello
      Pages 23-35
    2. K. Schreckenbach
      Pages 125-143
    3. M. Aslam Lone
      Pages 161-180
    4. B. Castel, M. Micklinghoff
      Pages 285-298
    5. I. Bergqvist, M. Potokar
      Pages 299-317
    6. Jean Kern
      Pages 337-352
    7. H. Benkoula, J. F. Cavaignac, D. H. Koang, B. Vignon, Richard Wilson
      Pages 371-383
    8. K. Abrahams
      Pages 385-400
    9. E. G. Kessler Jr., R. D. Deslattes, W. C. Sauder, A. Henins
      Pages 427-440
    10. G. A. Bartholomew
      Pages 503-519
  3. Contributed Papers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 521-521
    2. P. Ageron, W. Mampe, R. Golub, M. Pendlebury, K. Smith
      Pages 523-525
    3. B. J. Allen, A. R. de L. Musgrove
      Pages 532-534
    4. B. J. Allen, A. R. de L. Musgrove
      Pages 535-537
    5. B. J. Allen, A. R. de L. Musgrove
      Pages 538-540
    6. I. S. Altarev, Yu. V. Borisov, A. B. Brandin, A. I. Egorov, V. F. Ezhov, S. N. Ivanov et al.
      Pages 541-545
    7. D. L. Anderson, M. P. Failey, W. H. Zoller, G. E. Gordon
      Pages 546-548
    8. G. Barreau, H. G. Börner, W. F. Davidson, R. W. Hoff, P. Jeuch, J. Larysz et al.
      Pages 552-554
    9. Philip J. Bendt, Edward T. Jurney
      Pages 558-560
    10. Z. Berant, Y. Birenbaum, R. Moreh
      Pages 561-563
    11. Y. Birenbaum, Z. Berant, R. Moreh
      Pages 564-566
    12. M. Bogdanović, S. Koicki, J. Simić, B. Lalović, D. Breitig, H. R. Koch et al.
      Pages 567-570
    13. R. F. Carlton, S. Raman, E. T. Jurney
      Pages 571-572
    14. R. F. Casten, D. D. Warner, J. A. Cizewski
      Pages 573-575
    15. J. A. Cizewski, R. F. Casten, M. R. Macphail, G. J. Smith, M. L. Stelts, W. R. Kane et al.
      Pages 579-581

About this book


The post World War II era witnessed a tremendous growth in the research carried out in neutron-induced reactions and especially in neutron capture y-ray studies. This growth was stimulated by the availability of neutron sources, such as reactors and accelerators, and by the development of high resolution y-ray and conversion electron detectors. Today the combination of high flux reactors and precise instrumentation has produced spectral data of exceptional quality, as the pages of these proceedings illustrate. The world-wide community of the practioners of the art of cap­ ture y-ray spectroscopy has met three times in the last decade: the first international symposium on this subject was held at Studsvik, Sweden in 1969, and the second at Petten, The Netherlands in 1974. A smaller meeting, of mostly u. S. and some European parti­ cipation, was held at Argonne National Laboratory in 1966. A perusal of the proceedings of these meetings shows the striking ad­ vances in this now mature field of physics over the last dozen years. Each meeting has seen a small but perceptible increase in the number of papers presented and the number of laboratories repre­ sented. More importantly, each meeting has documented the increasing impact of (n,y) reasearch, not only on other areas of basic physics, but also on commercial and medical applications of this technology. A total of 29 invited papers and 97 contributed papers were presented at this symposium.


electron neutron spectroscopy

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