Advances in CAD/CAM

Case Studies

  • Peter Cheng-Chao Wang

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  2. William D. Beeby
    Pages 37-55
  3. Oliver E. Bessette, Michael E. Sullivan
    Pages 90-94
  4. Deborah Gail Brown
    Pages 98-112
  5. Russell J. Doty
    Pages 119-125
  6. Jack K. Gingrich
    Pages 131-141
  7. Charles C. Lee, Robert R. Jasper
    Pages 142-147
  8. George W. Pukanic, William C. Peters
    Pages 148-162

About this book


To understand what we know and be aware of what is to be known has become the central focus in the treatment of CAD/CAM issues. It has been some time since we began treating issues arriving from engineering data handling in a low key fashion because of its housekeeping chores and data maintenance aspects representing nonglamorous issues related to automation. Since the advent of CAD/CAM,large numbers of data bases have been generated through standalone CAD systems. And the rate of this automated means of generating data is rapidly increasing; this is possibly the key factor in changing our way of looking at engineering data related problems. As one deeply involved with engineering data handling and CAD/CAM applications, I know that to succeed, we must do our homework: tracking the trends, keeping abreast of new technologies, new applications, new companies and products that are exploding on the scene every day. In today's fast-paced information handling era, just keeping up is a full-time job. That is why ATI has initiated these publications, in order to bring to the users some of the information regarding their experiences in the important fields of CAD/CAM and engineering data handling. This volume contains some of the paper, including revisions, which were presented at the Fifth Automation Technology Conference held in Monterey, California. A series of publications has been initiated through cooperation between ATI and the Kluwer Academic Publishers. The first volume was Advances in Engineering Data Handling-Case Studies.


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