Comprehensive Treatise of Electrochemistry

Volume 8 Experimental Methods in Electrochemistry

  • Ralph E. White
  • J. O’M. Bockris
  • Brian E. Conway
  • Ernest Yeager

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Michael C. H. McKubre, Digby D. MacDonald
    Pages 1-98
  3. Thomas H. Ridgway, Harry B. Mark Jr.
    Pages 99-135
  4. Richard P. Buck
    Pages 137-248
  5. Jaroslav Kuta
    Pages 249-337
  6. Robert Greef
    Pages 339-371
  7. M. Fleischmann, I. R. Hill
    Pages 373-432
  8. Bertel Kastening
    Pages 433-443
  9. Leonard Nanis
    Pages 457-474
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 609-620

About this book


It is now time for a comprehensive treatise to look at the whole field of electrochemistry. The present treatise was conceived in 1974, and the earliest invitations to authors for contributions were made in 1975. The completion of the early volumes has been delayed by various factors. There has been no attempt to make each article emphasize the most recent situation at the expense of an overall statement of the modern view. This treatise is not a collection of articles from Recent Advances in Electrochemistry or Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry. It is an attempt at making a mature statement about the present position in the vast area of what is best looked at as a new interdisciplinary field. Texas A & M University J. O'M. Bockris University of Ottawa B. E. Conway Case Western Reserve University Ernest Yeager Texas A & M University Ralph E. White Preface to Volume 8 Experimental methods in electrochemistry are becoming more diverse. This volume describes many of the new techniques that are being used as well as some of the well-established techniques. It begins with two chapters (1 and 2) on electronic instrumentation and methods for utilization of microcomputers for experimental data acquisition and reduction. Next, two chapters (3 and 4) on classical methods of electrochemical analysis are presented: ion selective electrodes and polarography.


catalysis chemical reaction corrosion electrochemistry spectroscopy

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