Liquid Crystals and Ordered Fluids

Volume 4

  • Anselm C. Griffin
  • Julian F. Johnson

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. J. W. Goodby, T. M. Leslie
    Pages 1-32
  3. Pierre Le Barny, Jean Billard, Jean-Claude Dubois
    Pages 57-74
  4. H. Zaschke, A. Isenberg, H.-M. Vorbrodt
    Pages 75-87
  5. J. W. Goodby, T. M. Leslie, P. E. Cladis, P. L. Finn
    Pages 89-110
  6. J. David Margerum, Siu-May Wong, John E. Jensen, Camille van Ast
    Pages 111-136
  7. E. F. Carr, R. W. H. Kozlowski, Mojtaba Shamsai
    Pages 253-263
  8. S. Chandrasekhar, K. L. Savithramma, N. V. Madhusudana
    Pages 299-309
  9. K. Usha Deniz, P. S. Parvathanathan, E. B. Mirza, V. Amirthalingam, S. Gurnani
    Pages 429-440
  10. M. El-Nokaly, S. E. Friberg, D. W. Larsen
    Pages 441-450
  11. Maria Elisa Marcondes Helene, Leonard W. Reeves, Carol Robinson
    Pages 451-465
  12. Mahendra Kumar Jain, Joe Rogers, Fausto Ramirez
    Pages 505-513
  13. Z. Yaniv, M. E. Neubert, J. W. Doane
    Pages 551-559
  14. Barney L. Bales, Ronney A. Dolin, Robert N. Schwartz
    Pages 579-596
  15. Hirokazu Toriumi, Edward T. Samulski
    Pages 597-613
  16. P. Palffy-Muhoray, D. A. Dunmur, W. H. Miller, D. A. Balzarini
    Pages 615-641
  17. Chia-Wei Woo, Kean Feng, Ping Sheng
    Pages 653-672
  18. J. Shashidhara Prasad, N. C. Shivaprakash
    Pages 673-686
  19. Li-Ping Yu, Edward T. Samulski
    Pages 697-704
  20. Brian C. Benicewicz, Samuel J. Huang, Joseph A. Pavlisko, Julian F. Johnson
    Pages 705-714
  21. F. Hardouin, Nguyen Huu Tinh, M. F. Achard, A. M. Levelut
    Pages 727-735
  22. R. Eidenschink, M. Roemer, E. Merck, F. V. Allan
    Pages 737-743
  23. D. J. Byron, D. Lacey, R. C. Wilson
    Pages 745-762
  24. R. L. Hubbard, J. C. H. Liang, K. R. Koehler/Beran
    Pages 781-798

About this book


This volume represents a collection of selected papers presented at a symposium of the same name sponsored by the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry held at the national Spring meeting of the American Chemical Society in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 29 - April 1, 1982. Also included are invited papers from a number of outstanding overseas liquid crystal scientists who were unable to attend the symposium. The attendance at the symposium itself and the number of papers contained herein is reflective of the high level of current interest in (and maturity of) the field of liquid crystal research. Included in this volume are papers mainly derived from the fields of chemistry and physics ranging in content from the design and synthesis of new meso genic materials to theoretical physical treatments of anisotropic liquids. One of the significant aspects of current liquid crystal research is the increasing col­ laboration between chemist and phys.icist. The overlap of these two areas has been growing over the last several years and many contri­ butions to this volume involve a molecular approach to the chemical physics of liquid crystalline materials.


Chemical synthesis Diffusion Isomer distribution spectroscopy

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