Smart Robots

A Handbook of Intelligent Robotic Systems

  • V. Daniel Hunt

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About this book


Here is one of the first really thorough presentations on smart robots. Robots, machine vision systems, sensors, manipulators, expert systems, and artificial intelligence concepts combined in state-of-the-art computer integrated manufacturing systems. These "smart" robots increase produc­ tivity and improve the quality of our products. This comprehensive volume, which is extensively illustrated, provides a unique synthesis and overview of the emerging field of smart robots, the basic approaches for each of the constituents systems, the techniques used, applications, the descriptions of current hardware or software projects, a review of the state-of-the-art of the technology, current research and development efforts, and trends in the development of smart robots. All of the information has been compiled from a wide variety of knowledgeable sources and recent government reports. An extensive selection of photo­ graphs, diagrams and charts amplify this book. The contents of major chapters include: • Introduction to smart robots • Artificial intelligence for smart robots • Smart robot systems • Sensor-controlled robots • Machine vision systems • Robot manipulators • Natural language processing • Expert systems and • Computer integrated manufacturing Smart Robots presents the state-of-the-art in intelligent robots. It is designed to help the reader develop an understanding of industrial applications of smart robots as well as the new technological develop­ ments. Smart Robots is an outstanding introduction to the integration and application of machine vision systems, sensors, expert systems, and artificial intelligence technology.


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