Testicular Cancer and Other Tumors of the Genitourinary Tract

  • M. Pavone-Macaluso
  • P. H. Smith
  • M. A. Bagshaw

Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 8)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Tumors of the Testis

    1. Classification, Pathology, Actiology, Research

      1. G. Pizzocaro, A. Milani, M. Pasi
        Pages 1-7
      2. F. K. Mostofi, Isabell A. Sesterhenn
        Pages 9-27
      3. F. K. Mostofi, Charles J. Davis Jr.
        Pages 29-39
      4. R. Silvestrini, A. Costa, S. Pilotti, G. Pizzocaro
        Pages 55-62
    2. Makers, Diagnosis, Prognosis

      1. L. Andersson, F. Edsmyr, A. Jeppsson
        Pages 89-93
      2. J. P. Blandy, R. T. D. Oliver, R. C. Tiptoft, W. Hately
        Pages 95-98
      3. R. Musumeci, J. D. Tesoro-Tess, A. Milani, E. Ceglia, F. Zanoni, G. Pizzocaro
        Pages 99-107
    3. Treatment General Consideration

      1. R. T. D. Oliver, J. P. Blandy, H. F. Hope-Stone
        Pages 131-140
    4. Surgery

    5. Radiotherapy

      1. S. D. Fosså, J. F. Evensen
        Pages 197-208
    6. Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy

    7. Fertility in Patients With Testis Tumors

    8. How to Treat Testis Tumors

      1. E. W. Vahlensieck
        Pages 257-261
      2. Atif Akdas, Dogam Remzi, Ali Ergen, Ziya Kirkali, Yalcin Ilker
        Pages 263-268
      3. Sophie Dorothea Fosså
        Pages 269-275
  3. Advance in Renal Cancer

    1. R. Musumeci, J. D. Tesoro Tess
      Pages 281-285
    2. S. D. Fosså, L. Denis, A. T. van Oosterom, M. de Pauw, G. Stoter
      Pages 307-309
    3. G. Pizzocaro, L. Piva, R. Salvioni, E. Ronchi, V. Cappelletti, G. Di Fronzo et al.
      Pages 311-314
  4. Advances in Bladder Cancer

    1. M. Grattarola, G. Giannetti, G. Bonanno, P. Carlo, A. Raveane
      Pages 329-336
    2. N. Javadpour
      Pages 337-350
    3. F. Micali, M. Porena, G. Vespasiani, G. Virgili
      Pages 363-378
    4. H. J. de Voogt, A. H. J. Miedema, J. F. Felderhof
      Pages 379-383
    5. T. Norlindh, S. Hellsten, U. Nyman, I. Andersson
      Pages 385-386
    6. S. Hellsten, A. Ek, W. Månsson, C.-E. Lindholm, H. Henriksson, P. Mikulowski et al.
      Pages 387-389
    7. F. Garofalo, C. M. Camaggi, M. G. Lalanne, P. De Santis, G. Nanni, E. Tisatto et al.
      Pages 391-397

About this book


The proceedings of this volume represent a record of a meeting in the Ettore Majorana center in Erice, Sicily from 16-24 July, 1983. This was the fifth course of the International School of Urology and Nephrology, the fourth in a series of meetings devoted to different aspects of Urological Oncology. Speakers and delegates came from nearly every part of the world and contributed to a detailed analysis of the current state of knowledge of tumors of the testicle and to the development of knowledge of cancer of the bladder, prostate and kidney. Previous volumes resulting from this series of meetings have been well received and the Editors hope that the reader may find the record of this meeting equally attractive. We are indebted to the Department of Medical Illustration, St. James's University Hospital, for their kindness in producing several of the illustrations in this book. The editors are very grateful to Dr. Cavallo of Palermo for the major part which he has played in preparing the index. M. Pavone-Macaluso P.H. Smith M.A. Bagshaw v CONTENTS I TUMORS OF THE TESTIS CLASSIFICATION, PATHOLOGY, AETIOLOGY, RESEARCH Pre-treatment Classification of Tumors of the Testis 1 G. Pizzocaro, A. Milani and M. Pasi Histopathological Classification of Testicular Tumors 9 F. Mostofi and I.A. Sesterhenn Rare Tumors of Testes and Adnexal Tumors 29 F. Mostofi and C.J. Davis, Jr.


cancer cancer therapy carcinoma chemotherapy classification etiology fertility oncology pathology prostate prostate cancer radiation therapy renal cell carcinoma surgery testis

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  • M. Pavone-Macaluso
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  • P. H. Smith
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  • M. A. Bagshaw
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  1. 1.University Polyclinic HospitalPalermoItaly
  2. 2.St. James’s University HospitalLeedsEngland
  3. 3.Stanford UniversityStanfordUSA

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