Chemical Changes in Food during Processing

  • Thomas Richardson
  • John W. Finley

Part of the Basic Symposium Series book series (IFTBSS)

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Christopher S. Foote
    Pages 17-32
  3. Arthur E. Martell
    Pages 33-61
  4. P. Neta, M. G. Simic
    Pages 63-72
  5. Wassef W. Nawar
    Pages 79-105
  6. Michael G. Simic, Edward P. L. Hunter
    Pages 107-119
  7. R. L. Ory, A. J. St Angelo, Y.-Y. Gwo, G. J. Flick Jr., R. R. Mod
    Pages 205-217
  8. Robert E. Feeney, John R. Whitaker, W. S. Dominic Wong, David T. Osuga, M. Eric Gershwin
    Pages 255-287
  9. James R. Daniel, Roy L. Whistler
    Pages 305-326
  10. R. Teranishi, R. G. Buttery
    Pages 327-346
  11. Jesse F. Gregory III
    Pages 373-408
  12. Kenneth L. Simpson
    Pages 409-441
  13. John W. Finley
    Pages 443-482
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 503-514

About this book


This volume results from the Eighth Basic Symposium held by the Institute of Food Technologists in Anaheim, California on June 8-9, 1984. The theme of the symposium was "Chemical Changes in Food during Processing." The speakers included a mix of individuals from academic institu­ tions, governmental agencies, and the food industry. Twenty speakers discussed topics ranging from the basic chemistry relating to food constituents to the more applied aspects of chemical changes in food components during food processing. It was the intent of the organizers to bring together a group of speakers who could address the chemistry of changes in food compo­ nents during processing from a mechanistic point of view. As a con­ sequence, the proceedings of this symposium emphasize the basic chemistry of changes in food constituents from a generic perspective which is intended to provide the reader with a background to address more specific problems that may arise.


Chemical reaction Oxidation Vitamin aldehydes bioavailability chemistry enzymes food industry food processing processing

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