Instrumentation: A Reader

  • R. Loxton
  • P. Pope

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. R. S. Medlock
    Pages 12-23
  3. G. A. Woolvet
    Pages 24-38
  4. A. T. Bradshaw
    Pages 39-44
  5. Conrad H. Hoeppner
    Pages 45-54
  6. A. K. Michell
    Pages 63-67
  7. K. G. Carr-Brion
    Pages 91-101
  8. Phillip W. Barth
    Pages 102-113
  9. Robert Jones
    Pages 114-124
  10. P. R. Matthews
    Pages 151-170
  11. M. J. Cunningham
    Pages 171-183
  12. A. T. J. Hayward
    Pages 184-199
  13. D. J. Steele, I. McFarlane
    Pages 208-222
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 254-257

About this book


This book contains a selection of papers and articles in instrumentation previously pub­ lished in technical periodicals and journals of learned societies. Our selection has been made to illustrate aspects of current practice and applications of instrumentation. The book does not attempt to be encyclopaedic in its coverage of the subject, but to provide some examples of general transduction techniques, of the sensing of particular measurands, of components of instrumentation systems and of instrumentation practice in two very different environments, the food industry and the nuclear power industry. We have made the selection particularly to provide papers appropriate to the study of the Open University course T292 Instrumentation. The papers have been chosen so that the book covers a wide spectrum of instrumentation techniques. Because of this, the book should be of value not only to students of instrumen­ tation, but also to practising engineers and scientists wishing to glean ideas from areas of instrumentation outside their own fields of expertise. In recent years instrumentation has emerged as a discipline in its own right rather than as an adjunct to traditional science and engineering disciplines. This development has been driven partly by the needs of industries for new and improved sensing techniques, and partly by new technological developments such as microprocessors, optical fibres and in­ tegrated silicon sensors which are revolutionising sensing and signal processing practice.


Gauge Sensor accelerometer communication development integrated circuit production

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