Advances in Clinical Neuropsychology

  • Gerald Goldstein
  • Ralph E. Tarter

Part of the Advances in Clinical Neuropsychology book series (AICN, volume 3)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Marilyn Albert, Juliene L. Stafford
    Pages 31-53
  3. Gordon J. Chelune, Robert K. Heaton, Ralph A. W. Lehman
    Pages 95-126
  4. Nancy L. Etcoff
    Pages 127-179
  5. Katherine E. Goethe, Harvey S. Levin
    Pages 213-242
  6. Ralph E. Tarter, Kathleen L. Edwards, David H. Van Thiel
    Pages 243-263
  7. Laird S. Cermak
    Pages 265-290
  8. Arnold D. Purisch, Robert J. Sbordone
    Pages 291-316
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 317-328

About this book


This third volume of the Advances in Clinical Neuropsy­ chology series returns to the style of the first volume in that it contains contributions representing a diversity of areas. Within this diversity there are chapters covering specific disease entities of neuropsychological interest: cardiovascular diseases, Huntington's disease, head trauma in children, and hepatic encephalopathy. There are contributions in the area of neurobehavioral assessment; one involving the CT scan and the other the Luria-Ne braska Neuropsychologi cal Te st Ba ttery. Finally, there are several empirical reviews, including discussions of sex differences in brain function, the neuropsy­ chology of emotion, the relation between neuropsychological test results and patients' complaints of disability, and mechanisms of amnesia. Thus, this volume clearly continues the tradition established in previous volumes with regard to con~aining material that is both basic science and clinically oriented. The edi tors acknowledge the support of the Veterans Administration medical research program and the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. We also appreciate the participation and effort of the chapter authors. And finally, we must again express our gratitude to Kathy Lou Edwards for her outstanding editorial, text compos­ iting, and administrative efforts. February:, 1986 Gerald Goldstein, Ph.D. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Ralph E. Tarter, Ph.D.


brain clinical neuropsychology dementia head injury neuropsychology psychiatry psychology trauma

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  2. 2.Western Psychiatric Institute and ClinicUniversity of Pittsburgh School of MedicinePittsburghUSA

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