History and Genesis of Deposits

  • Robert W. Boyle

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  2. Robert W. Boyle
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  3. Robert W. Boyle
    Pages 29-38
  4. Robert W. Boyle
    Pages 39-50
  5. Robert W. Boyle
    Pages 51-64
  6. Robert W. Boyle
    Pages 79-83
  7. Gustav Bischof, Frank Wigglesworth Clarke, A. E. Fersman, V. M. Goldschmidt, Kalervo Rankama, Th G. Sahama et al.
    Pages 85-196
  8. J. E. Spurr, Rollin Farmin, W. J. Bichan
    Pages 197-228
  9. William Harvey Emmons, E. S. Moore, W. Malcolm, Adolph Knopf, Donald E. White
    Pages 229-298
  10. J. W. Gregory, C. Baring Horwood, L. C. Graton, E. T. Mellor, W. R. Liebenberg, D. A. Pretorius et al.
    Pages 335-454
  11. J. B. Tyrrell, Waldemar Lindgren, B. R. MacKay, N. A. Shilo, Yu V. Shumilov, S. G. Zhelnin et al.
    Pages 455-544
  12. William H. White, Frank Ebbutt
    Pages 583-626
  13. Robert W. Boyle
    Pages 627-661
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 663-676

About this book


GOLD: History and Genesis of Deposits is the product of an effort by the Society of Economic Geologists to publish materials that will expand knowl­ edge concerning timely, specific topics important to the study of economic geology and to economic geologists. A volume on gold was selected for a general review-type publication because of the importance of the gold mining industry in the 1980s. The officers and council of the Society of Economic Geologists authorized the preparation of this book on gold in 1981, and Dr. Robert W. Boyle was selected as its author. Dr. Boyle has extensive experience in the study of gold deposits. He has an international reputation and a broad interest and understanding of the gold mining industry, the origin of gold deposits, and the history of gold as a metal and ore from prehistoric times to recent. Dr. Boyle uses important publications on gold deposits as source materials to document the various pathways of geological thought over time to introduce the reader to modern concepts. The book contains a wealth of information concerning gold.


economic geology geology mining reef

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