Handbook of Modern Grinding Technology

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  • Robert I. King
  • Robert S. Hahn

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    Pages i-xii
  2. Robert S. Hahn
    Pages 3-29
  3. Richard P. Lindsay
    Pages 30-71
  4. William Ault
    Pages 72-87
  5. William Ault
    Pages 88-97
  6. R. L. Mahar
    Pages 98-118
  7. K. Srinivasan
    Pages 119-169
  8. Robert S. Hahn
    Pages 170-190
  9. W. F. Jessup
    Pages 191-232
  10. D. H. Youden
    Pages 233-250
  11. Robert S. Hahn
    Pages 251-260
  12. E. J. Duwell
    Pages 261-281
  13. Stuart C. Salmon
    Pages 282-300
  14. Hans Fischer
    Pages 301-336
  15. Robert S. Hahn
    Pages 337-346
  16. Robert S. Hahn
    Pages 347-356
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 357-360

About this book


The latest information indicates that the United States now spends in excess of $150 billion annually to perform its metal removal tasks using conventional machining technology. That estimate is increased from $115 billion 5 years ago. It becomes clear that metal removal technology is a very important candidate for rigorous investigation looking toward improvement of productivity within the manufacturing system. To aid in that endeavor, an extensive program of research has developed within the industrial community with the express purpose of establish­ing a new scientific and applied base that will provide principles upon which new manufacturing decisions can be made. One of the metal removal techniques that has the potential for great economic advantages is high-rate metal removal with related tech­nologies. This text is concerned with the field of grinding as a subset of the general field of high-rate metal removal. Related processes (not cov­ered in this text) include such topics as turning, drilling, and milling. In the final evaluation, the correct decision in the determination of a grinding process must necessarily include an understanding of the other methods of metal removal. The term grinding, as used herein, includes polishing, buffing, lapping, and honing as well as conventional definition: "... removing either metallic or other materials by the use of a solid grinding wheel".


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