Novel Superconductivity

  • Stuart A. Wolf
  • Vladimir Z. Kresin

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. The Rocky Road to High Temperature Superconductivity

    1. E. A. Edelsack, D. U. Gubser, S. A. Wolf
      Pages 1-8
  3. Conventional Systems

    1. N. Jisrawi, W. L. McLean, N. G. Stoffel
      Pages 29-37
    2. W. D. Knight
      Pages 47-50
    3. Hidetoshi Fukuyama
      Pages 51-60
    4. A. Kapitulnik, A. D. Kent, T. H. Geballe, J. H. Kaufman
      Pages 61-71
    5. Thomas R. Lemberger, Soon-Gul Lee
      Pages 83-84
    6. P. L. Gammel, A. F. Hebard, D. J. Bishop
      Pages 85-93
    7. K. E. Kihlstrom, P. D. Hovda, Vladimir Z. Kresin, S. A. Wolf
      Pages 95-101
  4. Organic Superconductors

    1. Yasumasa Hasegawa, Hidetoshi Fukuyama
      Pages 135-140
    2. M. Takigawa, H. Yasuoka, G. Saito, Y. Maniwa, T. Takahashi
      Pages 141-148
    3. Paul J. Nigrey, Bruno Morosin, James F. Kwak
      Pages 171-179
  5. Heavy Fermions

  6. High Tc Oxides: General Properties

    1. V. Z. Kresin, S. A. Wolf
      Pages 287-291
    2. G. Deutscher
      Pages 293-294
  7. Theories of High Tc

    1. Philip W. Anderson
      Pages 295-299
    2. N. W. Ashcroft
      Pages 301-308
    3. Gerald B. Arnold
      Pages 323-331
    4. John Bardeen, D. M. Ginsberg, M. B. Salamon
      Pages 333-339
    5. C. M. Varma, S. Schmitt-Rink, Elihu Abrahams
      Pages 355-365
    6. T. C. Collins, A. Barry Kunz, J. J. Ladik
      Pages 379-384
    7. S. Doniach, P. J. Hirschfeld, M. Inui, A. E. Ruckenstein
      Pages 395-399
    8. Yasumasa Hasegawa, Hidetoshi Fukuyama
      Pages 401-405
    9. Hidetoshi Fukuyama, Yasumasa Hasegawa, Kei Yosida
      Pages 407-410
    10. S. Maekawa, H. Ebisawa, Y. Isawa
      Pages 411-419
    11. A. A. Gorbatsevich, V. Ph. Elesin, Yu. V. Kopaev
      Pages 429-433

About this book


The Novel Mechanisms of Superconductivity Conference was initially conceived in the early part of 1986 as a small, 2-1/2 day workshop of 40-70 scientists, both theorists and experimentalists interested in exploring the possible evidence for exotic, non phononic superconductivity. Of course, the historic discoveries of high temperature oxide superconductors by Bednorz and Mftller and the subsequent enhancements by the Houston/Alabama groups made such a small conference impractical. The conference necessarily had to expand, 2-1/2 days became 4-1/2 days and superconductivity in the high Tc oxides became the largest single topic in the workshop. In fact, this conference became the first major conference on this topic and thus, these proceedings are also the first maj or publication. However, heavy fermion, organic and low carrier concentration superconductors remained a very important part of this workshop and articles by the leaders in these fields are included in these proceedings. Ultimately the workshop hosted rearly 400 scientists, students and media including representatives from the maj or research groups in the U.S., Europe, Japan and the Soviet Union.


Exciton Hall effect High-temperature superconductivity Superconductor X-ray ceramics crystal diffraction electron microscopy liquid microscopy neutron scattering spectroscopy superconductivity ultrasound

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  • Stuart A. Wolf
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  • Vladimir Z. Kresin
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  2. 2.Lawrence Berkeley LaboratoryUniversity of California, BerkeleyBerkeleyUSA

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