Industrial Applications of the Mössbauer Effect

  • Gary J. Long
  • John G. Stevens

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Introduction

  3. Techniques and General Applications

    1. U. Gonser, M. Ackermann, H.-J. Bauer, N. Blaes, S. M. Fries, R. Gaa et al.
      Pages 25-61
    2. K. Saneyoshi, K. Debusmann, W. Keune, R. A. Brand, D. Liljequist
      Pages 121-136
    3. F. E. Huggins, G. P. Huffman, G. R. Dunmyre
      Pages 137-152
  4. Applications to Steel and Steel Alloys

  5. Applications to Amorphous Alloys and Glasses

  6. Applications to Coal, Minerals, and Mineral Processing

    1. F. E. Huggins, G. P. Huffman
      Pages 447-465
    2. Pamela McNamara, John D. Cashion, Mary S. J. Gani
      Pages 467-477
    3. Joice Terra, Elisa B. Saitovitch, Jacques Danon, Nilce G. Souza
      Pages 479-489
    4. H. Pollak, J. G. Stevens
      Pages 491-511
    5. J. D. Cashion, L. Joan Brown, A. L. Ottrey
      Pages 513-521
    6. K. J. D. MacKenzie, M. E. Bowden, R. M. Berezowski
      Pages 547-563
    7. Enver Murad, Reginald M. Taylor
      Pages 585-593
    8. J. D. Cashion, D. J. Cookson, L. J. Brown, D. G. Howard
      Pages 595-608
  7. Applications to Catalytic Materials

    1. A. M. van der Kraan, J. W. Niemantsverdriet
      Pages 609-634
    2. Yoshitaka Minai, Takeshi Tominaga, Takakazu Fukushima, Masaru Ichikawa
      Pages 635-647
    3. A. Vèrtes, I. Czakò-Nagy, M. L. Varsànyi
      Pages 697-714
  8. Miscellaneous Applications

    1. T. M. Thomas, D. L. Williamson, D. P. Rainville
      Pages 715-723
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 751-796

About this book


As is often the case, the preface is the last task to be finished during the preparation of a large volume such as you are now holding. The first task, obtaining approval for a symposium on the industrial applications, now seems a long time ago. The idea orginated with John Stevens, probably in 1982, from his observation of papers dealing with industrial applications of the Mossbauer effect appearing in the Mossbauer Effect Reference and Data Journal. His initial suggestion for a symposium entitled "Industrial Applications of the Mossbauer Effect" to be held at a national meeting of the American Chemical Society eventually led to the symposium at the International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies which met in Honolulu, Hawaii in December 1984. This volume is the result of the symposium at the above mentioned Congress, but is not actually the 'proceedings' of the symposium because this volume does not contain all of the over one hundred Mossbauer effect papers that were pre­ sented at the symposium. Rather it contains a selection of papers that the or­ ganizing committee for the symposium deemed most appropriate for a volume devoted to industrial applications of the Mossbauer effect. The final volume also contains six chapters that were not a part of the symposium but which are closely related to the topic. There is another difference from many proceedings.


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