Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

Proceedings of the Conference on Rehabilitation of Brain Damaged People: Current Knowledge and Future Directions, held at Copenhagen, June 15–16, 1987

  • Anne-Lise Christensen
  • Barbara P. Uzzell

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  2. D. Nathan Cope
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  3. Diane V. Bistany
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  4. Barbara P. Uzzell, Anne-Lise Christensen
    Pages 103-113
  5. Anne-Lise Christensen, Mugge Pinner, Nicole K. Rosenberg
    Pages 115-124
  6. Barbara P. Uzzell, Anne-Lise Christensen
    Pages 125-127
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About this book


In early 1985 a grant from the Egmont Foundation made the establishment of the Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Damage in copenhagen possible. This meant the realization of a plan with which Anne-Lise Christensen had been occupied for years. Through her work in psychiatric and neurosurgical wards she had acquired a deep insight in the problems of the brain damage, and through visits to the leading centers within the field of brain damage rehabilitation she had become inti­ mately acquainted with the most modern trends in research and practice which was insufficiently devel­ oped in Denmark. When finally the possibility of establishing the center came closer, it was obvious that Anne-Lise Christensen would be the right person to organize this institution and to become its leader. Two years later, when the building-up of the Center had been finished and the work was running smoothly, it was felt natural to mark this accomplish­ ment by the arrangement of an international conference on rehabilitation of brain damage. On this occasion, a number of leading specialists gave lectures on many different aspects of the topic. This provided great incentives for those interested in the field in Den­ mark. The present volume, containing the lectures from the conference, can also be regarded as a tribute to Anne-Lise Christensen and her colleagues, in recogni­ tion of their accomplishments within the field of neuropsychology and rehabilitation of the brain dam­ aged.


Containing brain brain injury neuropharmacology neuropsychology pharmacology psychology rehabilitation trauma traumatic brain injury

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  • Anne-Lise Christensen
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  • Barbara P. Uzzell
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  1. 1.Center for Rehabilitation of Brain DamageUniversity of CopenhagenCopenhagenDenmark
  2. 2.Division of NeurosurgeryHospital of University of PAPhiladelphiaUSA

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