Atomic and Molecular Processes with Short Intense Laser Pulses

  • André D. Bandrauk

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Coherence Phenomena

    1. Warren S. Warren, Mark Haner
      Pages 1-9
    2. P. M. Felker, G. V. Hartland, L. L. Connell, T. C. Corcoran, B. F. Henson
      Pages 39-47
    3. S. Chelkowski, A. D. Bandrauk
      Pages 57-66
    4. Orson L. Bourne
      Pages 67-74
    5. G. Alber, P. Zoller
      Pages 97-105
    6. C. Radzewicz, M. G. Raymer
      Pages 107-111
    7. George J. Diebold, R. B. Stewart
      Pages 119-124
  3. High Intensity Multiphoton Processes

    1. A. McPherson, K. Boyer, H. Jara, T. S. Luk, I. A. McIntyre, R. Rosman et al.
      Pages 165-171
    2. F. Yergeau, W. Xiong, S. L. Chin, P. Lavigne
      Pages 173-176
    3. Munir H. Nayfeh, J. Mazumder, David Humm, Thomas Sherlock, Kwan Ng
      Pages 177-186
    4. Philip M. Johnson
      Pages 187-194
    5. C. Fotakis, J. A. D. Stockdale, M. J. Proctor
      Pages 195-199
    6. Antonio Weingartshofer, Barry Wallbank
      Pages 201-205
    7. Abraham Szöke
      Pages 207-217
    8. Y. Gontier, M. Trahin
      Pages 227-233
    9. Kenneth C. Kulander, Charles Cerjan
      Pages 235-242
    10. J. Javanainen, Q. C. Su, J. H. Eberly
      Pages 243-252
    11. Riccardo Burlon, Claudio Leone, Gaetano Ferrante
      Pages 297-308
    12. O. Atabek, X. He
      Pages 309-315
    13. Alfred Maquet, Valérie Véniard
      Pages 317-321
    14. T. Tung Nguyen-Dang
      Pages 323-327
  4. Laser Chemistry

    1. Gary W. Leach, David R. Demmer, James W. Hager, Grant A. Bickel, Stephen C. Wallace
      Pages 353-357
    2. J. H. Glownia, J. Misewich, P. P. Sorokin
      Pages 359-366
    3. Michael P. Casassa, John C. Stephenson, David S. King
      Pages 367-370
    4. John S. Hutchinson, Kenneth T. Marshall
      Pages 397-406
    5. Jay R. Ackerhalt, Peter W. Milonni
      Pages 407-416

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Absorption interference interferometry laser mechanics spectroscopy

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