Behavioral Approaches to Crime and Delinquency

A Handbook of Application, Research, and Concepts

  • Edward K. Morris
  • Curtis J. Braukmann

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxv
  2. Introduction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Curtis J. Braukmann, Edward K. Morris
      Pages 3-26
    3. Edward K. Morris, Curtis J. Braukmann
      Pages 27-59
    4. Edward K. Morris, Stephen T. Higgins, Warren K. Bickel, Curtis J. Braukmann
      Pages 61-105
  3. Behavioral Applications in Adult and Juvenile Corrections

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 107-107
    2. Michael T. Nietzel, Melissa J. Himelein
      Pages 109-133
    3. Curtis J. Braukmann, Montrose M. Wolf
      Pages 135-159
    4. Michael A. Milan
      Pages 195-222
  4. Prevention and Intervention in Community Settings

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 223-223
    2. John F. Schnelle, E. Scott Geller, Mark A. Davis
      Pages 225-249
    3. Clifford R. O’Donnell, Michael J. Manos, Meda Chesney-Lind
      Pages 251-269
    4. Teru L. Morton, Linda S. Ewald
      Pages 271-303
    5. Theodore W. Lane, Janice Murakami
      Pages 305-327
  5. Special Topics in Intervention and Evaluation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 329-329
    2. Maxine L. Stitzer, Mary E. McCaul
      Pages 331-361
    3. Vernon L. Quinsey, Terry C. Chaplin, Anne Maguire, Douglas Upfold
      Pages 363-382
    4. Rand Gottshalk, Williams S. Davidson II, Jeffrey Mayer, Leah K. Gensheimer
      Pages 399-422
    5. Robert J. Jones
      Pages 423-452
  6. Alternative Theoretical Conceptualizations

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 453-453
    2. Marvin D. Krohn, James L. Massey, William F. Skinner
      Pages 455-475
    3. Jerome J. Platt, Maurice F. Prout
      Pages 477-497
  7. Professional Issues in Behavioral Applications

  8. Back Matter
    Pages 597-625

About this book


The systematic application of behavioral psychology to crime and delinquency was begun only 20 years ago, yet it has already contributed significantly to our practical knowledge about prevention and correction and to our general under­ standing of a pressing social problem. In this handbook, we review and evalu­ ate what has been accomplished to date, as well as what is currently at the leading edge of the field. We do so in order to present a clear, comprehensive, and systematic view of the field and to promote and encourage still more effective action and social policy reform in the future. The chapters in this text have been written by professionals who were among the original innovators in applying behavioral psychology to crime and delinquency and who continue to make critical contributions to the field's progress, and by a new generation of energetic, young professionals who are taking the field in important and innovative directions. The contributors have attempted to review and evaluate their areas with critical dispassion, to pro­ vide thorough but not overly specialized discussion of their material, and to draw implications for how research, application, and social policy might be improved in the future. For our part as editors, we have tried to foster integra­ tion across the chapters and to provide background and conceptual material of our own.


Community Psychology Motivation aggression assessment attention child child abuse evaluation intervention police prevention psychological intervention psychology punishment stress

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  • Edward K. Morris
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  • Curtis J. Braukmann
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  1. 1.Department of Human DevelopmentUniversity of KansasLawrenceUSA

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