Chemistry and Biology

  • Norman I. Krinsky
  • Micheline M. Mathews-Roth
  • Richard F. Taylor

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Conrad Hans Eugster
    Pages 1-20
  3. József Szabolcs
    Pages 39-58
  4. Takao Matsuno
    Pages 59-74
  5. J. B. C. Findlay, D. J. C. Pappin, M. Brett, P. F. Zagalsky
    Pages 75-104
  6. Richard F. Taylor, Paul E. Farrow, Lauren M. Yelle, Judith C. Harris, Ingrid G. Marenchic
    Pages 105-123
  7. Robert S. H. Liu, Taraneh Mirzadegan, Achla Trehan
    Pages 139-147
  8. George Britton
    Pages 167-184
  9. Oscar A. Will III, Clark A. Scovel
    Pages 229-236
  10. Katharina Schiedt
    Pages 247-268
  11. Nikolay V. Dimitrov, Duane E. Ullrey
    Pages 269-277
  12. Norman I. Krinsky
    Pages 279-291
  13. Andrija Kornhauser, Wayne Wamer, Lark Larnbert
    Pages 301-312
  14. H. F. Stich, M. P. Rosin, A. P. Hornby, B. Mathew, R. Sankaranarayanan, M. Krishnan Nair
    Pages 313-321
  15. Adrianne Bendich
    Pages 323-335
  16. Arthur M. Nonomura
    Pages 365-375
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 377-382

About this book


In the mid-1960's, scientists working on carotenoids throughout the World agreed to have periodic meetings for the purpose of discussing and disseminating scientific research results concerning all aspects of carotenoids. The meetings were also organized to act as teaching forums for students, and the major scientific results from each meeting were to result in a publication. Each meeting was planned to be International in scope, being held in different locations in the World, and organized by local, recognized carotenoid scientists. The first of the Carotenoid meetings was held in Trondheim, Norway in 1966. Meetings then followed in Las Cuces, New Mexico (1969); Cluj, Roumania (1972); Berne, Switzerland (1975); Madison, Wisconsin (1978); Liverpool; England (1981); and Munich, Federal Republic of Germany (1984). In all of these meetings, the original purposes which stimulated the first meeting were accomplished: scientific discussion, student education and resulting scientific publication.The meetings and the i~formation resulting from them have led to significant advances in carotenoid biochemistry, biology, and chemisty. This publication represents the contributions from a distinguished list of participants. We look forward to the future meetings in this series.


biochemistry carotenoids chemistry intervention medicine metabolism plants prevention proteins

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