Supercollider 1

  • Michael McAshan

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Growing Role of Industry in Accelerator Technology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Anthony J. Favale
      Pages 3-11
    3. John M. Rawls
      Pages 21-27
  3. Parallel Technical Sessions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 29-29
    2. Magnet Technology

      1. J. Tompkins, M. Chapman, J. Cortella, A. Desportes, A. Devred, J. Kaugerts et al.
        Pages 33-49
      2. J. A. Carson, E. J. Barczak, R. C. Bossert, J. S. Brandt, G. A. Smith
        Pages 51-59
      3. Benjamin Wiant, Bruce Brown
        Pages 61-65
      4. George Sintchak, George Ganetis, Garry Cottingham
        Pages 67-71
      5. A. Devred, M. Chapman, J. Cortella, A. Desportes, J. Kaugerts, T. Kirk et al.
        Pages 73-83
      6. R. W. Fast, J. H. Grimson, R. D. Kephart, H. J. Krebs, M. E. Stone, E. D. Theriot et al.
        Pages 85-90
    3. Conventional Facilities and Technical Systems

    4. Advanced Particle Detectors

      1. N. J. DiGiacomo, T. Adams, M. K. Anderson, M. Davis, B. Easom, J. Gliozzi et al.
        Pages 165-172
      2. Stephen Gaalema, Gordon Kramer, Stephen L. Shapiro, William Dunwoodie, John F. Arens, Garrett Jernigan
        Pages 173-185
      3. John W. Dawson, Lawrence J. Nodulman
        Pages 203-216
    5. Superconducting Wire and Cable

      1. H. Kanithi, F. Krahula, M. Erdmann, R. Schaedler, B. Zeitlin
        Pages 223-229
      2. S. Hong, D. Geschwindner, A. Mantone, W. Marancik, S. Zalek, R. Zhou
        Pages 231-234
      3. T. S. Kreilick, E. Gregory, D. Christopherson, G. P. Swenson, J. Wong
        Pages 235-242
      4. Masaru Ikeda
        Pages 243-250
      5. M. Garber, W. B. Sampson
        Pages 263-272
      6. John Royet, Rollin Armer, Roy Hannaford, Ron Scanlan
        Pages 273-276
    6. Cryogenics for Large Systems

      1. M. S. McAshan
        Pages 287-300
      2. D. G. Hartzog, V. G. Fox, P. M. Mathias, D. Nahmias, M. McAshan, R. Carcagno
        Pages 301-320
      3. B. L. Norris, J. C. Theilacker
        Pages 321-328
      4. W. Swift, J. A. McCormick, W. D. Stacy
        Pages 329-340
      5. R. R. Olson Jr., R. F. Pahade
        Pages 341-348
    7. Poster Session

      1. D. ter Avest, L. J. M. van de Klundert
        Pages 363-374
      2. H. H. J. ten Kate, C. Daum, L. J. M. van de Klundert, H. Bode, W. Hoogland, T. A. Roeterdink et al.
        Pages 375-386
      3. R. C. Bossert, J. S. Brandt, J. A. Carson, H. J. Fulton, G. C. Lee, J. M. Cook
        Pages 387-397
      4. Craig Peters, Shlomo Caspi, Clyde Taylor
        Pages 403-414
      5. D. Krischel, J. Böer, H. Fechteler, F. Sommer
        Pages 445-448
      6. P. Valaris, T. S. Kreilick, E. Gregory, E. W. Collings
        Pages 449-456
      7. R. C. Bossert, R. C. Niemann, J. A. Carson, W. L. Ramstein, M. P. Reynolds, N. H. Engler
        Pages 471-482
      8. E. T. Larson, T. H. Nicol, R. C. Niemann, R. A. Zink
        Pages 493-501
      9. P. L. Skubic, G. R. Kalbfleisch, M. A. Lambrecht, C. D. Wilburn
        Pages 503-512

About this book


IISSC '89 was a tremendous success. A total of 635 people attended this educational forum which was dedicated to further the understanding of the design, construction and operation of the Superconducting Supercollider (SSC). A total of 110 presentations and addresses were given. The topics discussed covered .all aspects of the SSC including: Magnet Technology Cryogenics Conventional Facilities Technical Systems Detectors Related Accelerator Technology Superconducting Wire/Cable ApproXimately 38% of the presentations addressed superconducting magnet technology, 16% were devoted to detector technology, 10% addressed superconducting wire/ cable, and the balance was equally split between the remaining topics. A special award was presented to Professor M. Tigner for his meritorious contribution to the Superconducting Supercollider (SSC). The award was presented on behalf of the IISSC Board of Directors. Keynote speakers included: Gerald 'Bachy, CERN Joe Barton, Representative from Texas, 6th Disctrict Ed Bingler, Exec. Director, Texas National Research Laboratory Commission James Decker, Deputy Director, Office of Energy Research, (DOE) Helen Edwards, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory M. G. D. Gilchriese, SSC Central Design Group Robert Hunter, Director, Office of Energy Research, (DOE) Leon Lederman, Director, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Roy Schwitters, Director, SSC Laboratory Alvin Trivelpiece, Director, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Gus Voss, DESY Highlights of the symposium included two panel sessions. The first panel discussed the growing role of industry in accelerator technology. The second panel addressed the congressional perspective on SSe. Industrial Panel Congressional Panel J. R. Faulkner, Varian-Continental Joe Barton (R), Texas, 6th Dist.


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