Spin Observables of Nuclear Probes

  • Charles J. Horowitz
  • Charles D. Goodman
  • George E. Walker

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Richard D. Smith
    Pages 15-51
  3. P. M. Boucher, B. Castel, Y. Okuhara, I. P. Johnstone, J. Wambach, T. Suzuki
    Pages 59-63
  4. E. D. Cooper, O. V. Maxwell
    Pages 101-110
  5. B. K. Jain
    Pages 119-138
  6. K. P. Jackson, A. Celler
    Pages 139-154
  7. S. N. Ershov, F. A. Gareev, N. I. Pyatov, S. A. Fayans
    Pages 169-181
  8. T. E. Ward, J. Alessi, J. Brennan, P. Grand, R. Lankshear, C. L. Snead et al.
    Pages 195-198
  9. J. W. Watson, Marco R. Plumley, P. J. Pella, B. D. Anderson, A. R. Baldwin, R. Madey et al.
    Pages 199-205
  10. M. Ichimura, K. Kawahigashi, T. S. Jorgensen, C. Gaarde
    Pages 207-220
  11. Clive Ellegaard
    Pages 221-230
  12. V. G. Ableev, B. Naumann, L. Naumann, A. A. Nomofilov, L. Penchev, N. M. Piskunov et al.
    Pages 241-244
  13. J. L. Ullmann, J. Rapaport, P. W. Lisowski, R. C. Byrd, T. Carey, T. N. Taddeucci et al.
    Pages 245-250
  14. James R. Shepard
    Pages 285-300
  15. S. Hama, M. J. Iqbal, J. I. Johansson, H. S. Sherif
    Pages 321-327
  16. Charles E. Price
    Pages 339-349
  17. A. D. Krisch
    Pages 351-356
  18. M. Garçon, L. Antonuk, J. Arvieux, D. Beck, E. Beise, A. Boudard et al.
    Pages 357-370
  19. George E. Walker, Michael W. Price
    Pages 399-415
  20. Back Matter
    Pages 459-462

About this book


The proceedings of the "International Conference on Spin Observables of Nuclear Probes" are presented in this volume. This conference was held in Telluride, Colorado, March 14-17, 1988, and was the fourth in the Telluride series of nuclear physics conferences. A continuing theme in the Telluride conference series has been the complementarity of various intermediate-energy projectiles for elucidating the nucleon-nucleon interaction and nuclear structure. Earlier conferences have contributed significantly to an understanding of spin currents in nuclei, in particular the distribution of Gamow-Teller strength using charge-exchange reactions. The previous conference on "Antinucleon and Nucleon Nucleus Interactions" compared nuclear information from tra­ tional probes to recent results from antinucleon reactions. The 1988 conference on Spin Observables of Nuclear Probes, put special emphasis on spin observables and brought together experts using spin information to probe nuclear structure. Spin observables have provided very detailed information about nuclear structure and reactions. Since the 1985 Telluride conference we have seen data from new focal plane polarimeters at LAMPF, TRIUMF, IUCF and elsewhere. In addition, spin observables provide an important common ground between electron and hadron scattering physics. In the future we look forward to new facilities such as NTOF for polarized neutron measurements at Los Alamos and a vigorous spin program at CEBAF.


Beta decay Cross section Isospin Meson Neutron Storage ring collision elastic scattering hadron scattering

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  • Charles D. Goodman
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  1. 1.Physics Department and Nuclear Theory CenterIndiana UniversityBloomingtonUSA

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