Iodine and the Brain

  • G. Robert DeLong
  • Jacob Robbins
  • Peter G. Condliffe

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Introduction

    1. Basil S. Hetzel
      Pages 1-3
  3. Molecular Biology of Iodine and Thyroid Hormones in the Brain

    1. Vera M. Nikodem, Tomoaki Mitsuhashi
      Pages 19-27
    2. Cary Weinberger, David J. Bradley, Linda S. Brady, Catherine C. Thompson, Ronald M. Evans
      Pages 29-37
    3. Jacob Robbins, Edison Goncalves, Mark Lakshmanan, Daniels Foti
      Pages 39-50
  4. Thyroid Hormone Control of Brain Development

    1. Philippe De Nayer, Béatrice Dozin
      Pages 51-58
    2. S. A. Stein, D. R. Shanklin, P. M. Adams, G. M. Mihailoff, M. B. Palnitkar, B. Anderson
      Pages 59-78
    3. J. Nunez, D. Couchie, J. P. Brion
      Pages 103-112
    4. Mary B. Dratman, Floy L. Crutchfield, Janice T. Gordon
      Pages 151-166
  5. The Fetus and Iodine Deficiency

    1. Delbert A. Fisher
      Pages 167-176
    2. Basil S. Hetzel, Mark L. Mano, J. Chevadev
      Pages 177-186
    3. Gabriel la Morreale de Escobar, Carmen Ruiz de Oña, María Jesús Obregón, Francisco Escobar del Rey
      Pages 187-201
    4. Lewis E. Braverman
      Pages 209-218
  6. Human Studies of Iodine Deficiency, Endemic Cretinism and Psychomotor Function

    1. François M. Delange
      Pages 219-229
    2. J-P Halpern, J. G. L. Morris, S. Boyages, G. Maberly, C. Eastman, C. Jin et al.
      Pages 239-247
    3. Liu Jia-Liu, Tan Yu-Bin, Zhuang Zhong-Jie, Shi Zhon-Fu, Chen Bin-Zhon, Zhang Jia-Xiu
      Pages 249-257
    4. T. Ma, Y. Y. Wang, D. Wang, Z. P. Chen, S. P. Chi
      Pages 259-268
    5. Nico Bleichrodt, Francisco Escobar del Rey, Gabriella Morreale de Escobar, Isabel Garcia, Carmen Rubio
      Pages 269-278
    6. Rodrigo Fierro-Benítez, Ramiro Cazar, Hernán Sandoval, Francisco Fierro-Renoy, Gonzalo Sevilla, Gustavo Fierro-Carrión et al.
      Pages 289-302
    7. Francisco Escobar del Rey, María Jesus Obregón, Gabriella Morreale de Escobar
      Pages 303-315
    8. Peter O. D. Pharoah, Kevin J. Connolly
      Pages 333-354
  7. Free Sessions

    1. G. Robert DeLong, Jacob Robbins, Peter G. Condliffe
      Pages 355-374
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 375-379

About this book


This volume contains the proceedings of a conference held at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda on March 21-23. 1988. jointly sponsored by the International Council for Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (ICCIDD) and the Fogarty International Center of the National Institutes of Health. Several themes converged to make this meeting timely. The first is an increasing awareness of iodine deficiency disorders as a world-wide problem of public health and a preventable cause of mental deficiency. and as a subject of scientific effort. Increased interest in these problems owes a great deal to accessibility to remote and under­ developed areas of the world where iodine deficiency persists. As with any subject. greater scrutiny yields unexpected complexity and interest. It is true that provision of iodine. typically as iodized salt, is the necessary and sufficient preventative for iodine deficiency disorders. without including endemic cretinism. This provision is a governmental, economic and social problem. Apart from this, however, the scientific and medical problem of iodine deficiency and its effect on brain development and function is one of great interest and importance for developmental neurology and psychology. Even though the specific preventative agent is known, we do not totally understand the neurobiological questions raised.


biology brain cortex metabolism migration receptor regulation

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  • G. Robert DeLong
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  • Jacob Robbins
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  • Peter G. Condliffe
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  1. 1.Duke University Medical CenterDurhamUSA
  2. 2.National Institutes of HealthBethesdaUSA

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