Nonequilibrium Effects in Ion and Electron Transport

  • Jean W. Gallagher
  • David F. Hudson
  • Erich E. Kunhardt
  • Richard J. Van Brunt

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. L. C. Pitchford, J. P. Boeuf, P. Ségur, E. Marode
    Pages 1-9
  3. B. M. Penetrante, J. N. Bardsley
    Pages 49-66
  4. H. A. Blevin, L. J. Kelly
    Pages 67-81
  5. Michael J. McCaughey, Mark J. Kushner
    Pages 143-156
  6. David B. Graves, M. Surendra
    Pages 157-176
  7. J. de Urquijo, I. Alvarez, C. Cisneros, H. Martínez
    Pages 211-227
  8. J. K. Olthoff, R. J. Van Brunt, Yicheng Wang, L. D. Doverspike, R. L. Champion
    Pages 229-244
  9. Kyoji Shinsaka, Yoshihiko Hatano
    Pages 275-289
  10. L. G. Christophorou, H. Faidas, D. L. McCorkle
    Pages 313-328
  11. David Ramos, Edward Patrick, Douglas Abner, Merrill Andrews, Alan Garscadden
    Pages 337-338
  12. N. Ikuta, S. Nakajima, M. Fukutoku
    Pages 339-341
  13. S. Clark, E. E. Kunhardt
    Pages 349-349
  14. E. E. Kunhardt
    Pages 357-357
  15. W. Roznerski, J. Mechlińska-Drewko, K. Leja, Z. Lj Petrović
    Pages 361-362
  16. J. L. Pack, R. E. Voshall, A. V. Phelps, L. E. Kline
    Pages 371-372
  17. Z. Lj. Petrovic, W. C. Wang, L. C. Lee, J. C. Han, M. Suto
    Pages 381-383
  18. H. Shimamori, Y. Nakatani
    Pages 385-386
  19. Scott R. Hunter
    Pages 387-388
  20. J. C. Gibson, M. T. Elford
    Pages 395-396
  21. Nigel G. Adams, David Smith, Charles R. Herd
    Pages 401-402
  22. W. Lindinger, A. Hansel, W. Freysinger, E. E. Ferguson
    Pages 407-408
  23. A. Hansel, N. Oberhofer, W. Lindinger
    Pages 409-410

About this book


This volume presents the contributions of the participants in the Sixth International Swarm Seminar, held August 2-5, 1989, at the Webb Institute in Glen Cove, New York. The Swarm Seminars are traditionally held as relatively small satellite conferences of the International Conference on the Physics of Electronic and Atomic Collisions (ICPEAC) which occurs every two years. The 1989 ICPEAC took place in New York City prior to the Swarm Seminar. The focus of the Swarm Seminars has been on basic research relevant to understanding the transport of charged particles, mainly electrons and ions, in weakly ionized gases. This is a field that tends to bridge the gap between studies of fundamental binary atomic and molecular collision processes and studies of electrical breakdown or discharge phenomena in gases. Topics included in the 1989 seminar ranged the gamut from direct determinations of charged-particle collision cross sections to use of cross sections and swarm parameters to model the behavior of electrical gas discharges. Although the range of subjects covered was in many respects similar to that of previous seminars, there was an emphasis on certain selected themes that tended to give this seminar a distinctly different flavor. There was, for example, considerable discussion on the meaning of "equilibrium" and the conditions under which nonequilibrium effects become important in the transport of electrons through a gas.


basic research crystal ion transport liquid magnetic field spectroscopy

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