The Release of Genetically Modified Microorganisms—REGEM 2

  • Duncan E. S. Stewart-Tull
  • Max Sussman

Part of the Federation of European Microbiological Societies Symposium Series book series (FEMS, volume 63)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Plenary Lectures

    1. Mark J. Bale, Mike Hinton, John E. Beringer
      Pages 15-24
    2. G. Van Den Eede, M. Van Montagu
      Pages 25-31
    3. Richard J. F. Bewley
      Pages 33-45
    4. Robert D. Possee, Linda A. King, Matthew D. Weitzman, Susan G. Mann, David S. Hughes, Iain R. Cameron et al.
      Pages 47-58
    5. H. John Dunster
      Pages 93-98
  3. Workshop

    1. Ronald M. Atlas, Allan M. Bennett, Rita Colwell, Jan van Elsas, Steffan Kjelleberg, Jens Pedersen et al.
      Pages 115-118
    2. Gary S. Sayler, Richard Burns, J. E. Cooper, Tim Gray, Jens Pederson, Jim Prosser et al.
      Pages 119-122
    3. Rita R. Colwell, Peter B. Baker, Martin A. Collins, G. Hamer, Dorothy Jones, Jim Lynch et al.
      Pages 123-127
  4. Posters (Unrefereed)

    1. J. A. W. Morgan, C. Winstanley, R. W. Pickup, J. R. Saunders
      Pages 141-143
    2. C. S. Young, K. A. Cook, G. Lethbridge, R. G. Burns
      Pages 145-147
    3. P. Bauda, B. Baleux, P. Lebaron, M. C. Lett, J. C. Hubert, G. Faurie et al.
      Pages 149-151
    4. Sonja Selenska, Walter Klingmüller
      Pages 157-159
    5. A. M. Bennett, J. M. Watts, J. E. Benbough
      Pages 161-162
    6. M. J. Bale, P. M. Bennett, J. E. Beringer, J. A. Bale, M. H. Hinton
      Pages 163-165
    7. J. Schlundt, E. M. Nielsen, G. Fischer, B. L. Jacobsen
      Pages 167-169
    8. W. Wackernagel, G. Romanowski, M. G. Lorenz
      Pages 171-174
    9. U.-A. Temann, R. Hösl, W. Klingmüller
      Pages 175-177
    10. K. Wendt-Potthoff, F. Niepold, H. Backhaus
      Pages 181-182
    11. V. A. Saunders, E. M. H. Wellington, A. Wipat
      Pages 183-185
    12. Julie Butterworth, Alastair McCartney
      Pages 187-189
    13. S. J. Macnaughton, D. A. Rose, A. G. O’Donnell
      Pages 191-193
    14. D. J. Silcock, R. N. Waterhouse, J. I. Prosser, L. A. Glover, K. Killham
      Pages 199-202
    15. E. A. S. Rattray, J. I. Prosser, L. A. Glover, K. Killham
      Pages 203-205
    16. N. Cook, D. J. Silcock, R. N. Waterhouse, D. I. Gray, L. A. Glover, K. Killham et al.
      Pages 209-212
    17. P. S. Nicholson, M. J. Jones, P. R. Hirsch
      Pages 217-219
    18. Ginro Endo, Takami Koseki, Eisaku Oikawa
      Pages 221-223
    19. D. Pearce, M. J. Bazin, J. M. Lynch
      Pages 229-230
    20. Jonathan Porter, Clive Edwards, Roger Pickup
      Pages 231-232
    21. Malin Bryne, Susanne Munkberg-Stenfors, Ritva Landén
      Pages 235-236
    22. D. W. Cullen, I. M. Packer, D. J. Platt
      Pages 237-240

About this book


If ripple effect is a measure of greatness in scientific discovery then GEMMOs have a lot going for them and this book dramatically illustrates the risks associated with advances being made by researchers to mobilize and control the power of the microorganism in the world's fight to perfect nature and fmd remedies for its imperfections. In the field of genetic science it is abundantly clear that so much more can be achieved through prevention rather than cure and that the indirect kill, by reason of its logic is a much more powerful weapon for winning results. Nevertheless the dilemma facing politicians arises over whether man should tamper with something which is God-given such as Radioactivity and Genetic endowment. The Roman Catholic church fmds difficulty in accepting the proposition that what is God­ given can be treated as a product under human control and maybe that is why recently half a century of genetic research on a strain of bees resistant to a devastating parasite at the Buckfastleigh Benedictine Monastery has inexplicably ceased whilst verging on scientific success.(l) The Anglican Community on the other hand does not see the sacrosanctity of Radioactivity and Genetic material as a bar to man-manipulation with appropriate safeguards.


Fermentation Pathogen bean environment microorganism

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  • Duncan E. S. Stewart-Tull
    • 1
  • Max Sussman
    • 2
  1. 1.University of GlasgowGlasgowScotland, UK
  2. 2.Medical SchoolUniversity of Newcastle upon TyneNewcastle upon TyneUK

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